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  1. Has any one BIOS for Latitude E6530 version A13? Need help. I am stock on A12 ver. I try to re programm bios with programmer and i have got nothing. I have Laptop with nvs5200m.
  2. I try to flash the same bin files (which i got early). I receive Error 280: Failed to disable write protection for the BIOS space! Error from FPT. How I can remove this protection?
  3. I have opportunity to program my bios again. What bios file I need to take?
  4. Hello. Need help guys. I am stock. I have big problem with bios. I spend two days already. The deal is. I have Dell Latitude E6530 (he is the same like E6430). I had bios version A12. I need to upgrade bios to A13. I red that I need to downgrade to A03 than write A13. After successful downgrade I went to bios to switch SATA to AHCI. After apply this I got black screen. I wait 20 minutest and nothing changed. I turned OFF and On, and laptop didn't boot. I opened case to remove CMOS battery and I saw that battery cords are damaged. I live in small city. There is no Dell service. Local service found image of same laptop model and flashed it directly into bios chip. After this laptop boots normaly. But I can not upgrade or downgrade bios. I have same serial. but other mac address. Off bios runs well but after restart nothing happens. Under Windows 10 or DOS (pen drive) nothing works to write bios. I downloaded FPT from Noob section and i have backups of large bin and small bin. With UEFI Tool I check large bin and all regions are read/write. Here are screen shots of OFF flash utility How I can update my bios? I need this version (A13) for OS X. Only this version runs perfect with Mac OS. PLS help me. There is no information in Internet about my problem ((((
  5. Hello! Help me guys. I am searching for backlit keyboard for my Dell. But i faced with difficulties. My Dell does not has pointer. All keyboards with RU layout have him. Will this keyboards work with my Dell? I found on ebay cool keyboard with blue buttons ))) but seller says thats she match only for Dell Latitude E6430u. Can I buy it? *** blue buttons http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-DELL-Latitude-E6430u-Russian-keyboard-RU-backlit-backlight-/182001426512?hash=item2a60216050:g:Wd8AAOSwunJWFGxj *** with pointer http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-For-Dell-Latitude-E6320-E6330-E6420-E6430-Keyboard-Russian-Backlit-Pointer-/161397588595?hash=item25940bc273:g:5IUAAOSwGvhT8V1~ Here is picture of my laptop https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzOELJcjIfSEVm11TVc5MTlMaTA/view?usp=sharing
  6. Thanks for replay! I think I don't need those power of full i7 cpu. I red Intel ARK site about Ivy Bridge family and figured out that this model of CPU ( i7-3540M ) is good for me. It has 35W TPD, iGPU 1.3GHz and 3000MHz of core power with a high Turbo Frequency profile. And I can by it in Poland for a 90$ ))))) What about tweaks ))) I am afraid to do it. )))) I searched backlit keyboard in the ebay and etc. All keyboards have pointer, mine don't have it. Can I use this keyboards on my laptop?
  7. Hello. Sorry for my english I am new in this topic. I have Dell Latitude E6430 with OS X El Capitan installed. I have managed to work all hardware under OS X. OS updates like real mac ))))) I changed only two things: - I remove stock wifi with BCM94322MC - native OS X support - I remove stock wwan with Huawei EM770 - add one string into info.plist to get it work * Not for OS X, but i changed DVD drive with opty bay - 1Tb HDD inside Here is my full spec: i3-3110M*10GB*HD4000*BCM94322MC*Huawei EM770_WWAN*IDT_92HD93BXX*Intel_82579LM I am planing to change processor with i7-3540M I don't have Optymus, I have only iGPU. So it is principal to me have 2 cores and iGPU with 1.3GHz without any tweaks ))))) I have a few questions. What TPD has my cooling system? Can I remove stock keyboard with lighting keyboard? Can I change screen with full HD resolution?

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