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  1. Uniik

    Setup 1.30 Discussion

    So I got everything detected and running in setup 1.30,by booting it from my USB, however it does not let me boot from my USB after choosing automated setup with startup.bat. II have 4 partitions on my 1 TB hdd with 1 windows 10 installation and 1 windows 7 installation. My primary OS, Windows 10,is installed on my msata ssd. So the problem now is that I can chose that Windows 10 installation but it gives me an arrow that it can't access the device, possibly due to recent hardware changes. I can boot into the ssd windows 10 installation without first going through the option of the automated startup.bat. I would really appreciate an answer. I have a chinese laptop with: i7 4710MQ 16GB ram 250GB Samsung 850 mSata SSD 1TB HDD
  2. Uniik

    mPCIe/EC eGPU troubleshooting steps

    I got my Gtx970 recognised under windows 10 after hotplugging it for the wifi card while in sleep. But i get error 12 so i tried DSDT override..... that didnt work, windows 10 gave me bluescreen, AICP BIOS ERROR and windows 7 booted but didnt have Large memore in device manager and the sleep function has since been grayed out. Anyway when i boot into DIY egpu setup it tells me i have an unknown INTEL processor so it tunrs of iport functionality. Without that i cant access the PCIE Devices menu, and therefore also not the anti whitelisting menu. I dont know how i can get my egpu to detect in setup or how i can get the setup to recognise my cpu correctly and enable iport functionality. If anyone knows soemthing that might work, that would be great. I have a chinese laptop with: i7 4710MQ 16GB ram 250GB Samsung 850 mSata SSD 1TB HDD Also i dont get the option to disable my dGPU it just says dGPU on demoted, couldnt really make sense of the help description either.
  3. Uniik

    [GUIDE] DSDT override to fix error 12

    Hello Techinferno, i just recently joined and bought an egpu adapter the EGPU BEST V8. I tested the adapter with a friends GTX750ti and it was literally Plug and Play, so i decided to get myself a GTX970. However, the GTX970 just doesn't want to work. I only managed to even get it detected by Windows 10 by the hotplugging it for the WIFI adapter, this way i got Error 12, so i thought to myself ill just do the DSDT Override. So i gave that a go and everything went smoothly, until i tried to restart my laptop. I got a Bluescreen almost immediately after the windows logo popped up with the error message: AICP BIOS ERROR. I could only get the system to boot after i performed Windows System Repair. In the end I have no Large Memory in my Device manager and my eGPU still doesnt work. Is there a way to get Tech Inferno Fan`s DIY Setup right now? Some Extra Info: When i try to boot my laptop with the eGPU attached from the beginning, all I get is a black screen, nothing is happening, thats why i resorted to the Hotplugging method to get the eGPU detected. My laptop is from a Chinese manufacturer and has a very simple BIOS, it does not give me the setting to turn off my dGPU. I read somewhere that the BUS width of the card can be a deciding factor for error 12. The GTX970 has a 256bit Bus width and the GTX750ti a 128bit one. So i thought about returning my GTX970 for a GTC960 4GB version, which also has a 128bit BUS width. Would the GTX960 be more likely to work? I would only like to get the GTX960 if there is no way to get the GTX970 running. I hope someone here can help me, as there is very limited information out there about specific eGPU problems. SYSTEM SPECS: i7 4710MQ 4x2,5Ghz with hyperthreading 16GB Corsair Ram 1600Mhz 250GB Samuns 850 EVO mSata SSD 1TB HDD GTX960m 2GB VRAM If there is any additional Information needed to help me please just tell me. I really want to get the eGPU to work with the GTX970, how can i get around the AICP BIOS ERROR that i get from the DSDT override? I know there is a way of getting the 36bit allocation by using DIY EGPU SETUP 1.3 by Tech Inferno Fan, however he is not available right now as far as I can tell, so I am afraid that is not an option ATM.
  4. Hello people, I know this topic is old, however I just recently bought an egpu, first off I tried it with a friends gtx750ti and it worked flawlessly just plug and play, however with my gtx970 I can get it to recognize the card by hots Wappingers the WiFi module for the egpu. But if I start the laptop with the gpu connected it just stays black and does nothing. So I got my hands on setup 1.3 but now when I try to execute the mkdevcon.bat it gives me the error mkdevcon: PCI BUS section NOT found. I really hope someone sees this and knows how to help.

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