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  1. Hi all. it's Diego from Italy. A poor guy with an old MSI GX660
  2. diegomelch

    Want to upgrade my laptop's wireless card

    If you need to reach a far router, well, you need an external radio with very high dpi antennas. Built-in cards and similar are pretty much the same in every notebook. Consider also to change router, move furnitures to optimize the reach.
  3. diegomelch

    Regards CPU temp

    That's actually very good. Idle temp is good even under 40 degrees, so you're fine.
  4. diegomelch

    Notebook Cooling Pad

    They're useless. If you need more air, buy better fans. A fan is designed for specifics air flows. If it can get an amount of n air, even if you force it to get more, you'll end up with bad performance.
  5. diegomelch

    Best Thermal Paste

    Noctua makes very good thermal pastes. But you need to consider specific products. Consider that there are so many bad thermal pastes on the market that mayonnaise is a better alternative (it doesn't last for long obviously). Take one of these: Collaboratory liquid ultra, Artic Silver 6, Noctua NT-H1 and you'll be fine.
  6. diegomelch

    updating i3 processor to i7

    Most of the time CPUs for laptops, even used ones, are so damn expensive that you should consider buying a brand new laptop.
  7. diegomelch

    Rumor: AMD to Cut Radeon R9 Fury Price

    That's the magic of engineering. Physical configuration, software (drivers)... just think that maybe in a year AMD could have better performance (if now they're just a little worse) only thanks to new drivers.
  8. I hope something like that happens more.
  9. diegomelch

    Gaming monitor question

    Never get an IPS monitor for gaming. They're not supposed to be used this way. Gaming need responsiveness and IPS are relatively slow in comparison with TN panels. Consider this one http://www.viewsonic.com/us/vx2703mh-led-1.html
  10. If you are in the US, bills are not a problem I think, get a Xeon. But if you live in Europe, don't get a Xeon or your bills will be very high. Also: you can consider i7 with multithreading, like i7-2600, if you need something cheap.
  11. Chromebook are a very good choice if you have access to very high-speed connection, or you'll struggle with everything you want to accomplish. And if every software you need is also in the cloud. Chromebooks unfortunately is not for everyone.
  12. diegomelch

    Looking for a 13-14" school laptop

    It's difficult to find 13" notebook with high-end graphics. The alienware 13 is ok, but if you don't like the aesthetics you should consider 15" laptops.
  13. diegomelch

    Help me find a mobile workstation

    Definetly this one.
  14. diegomelch

    Notebook Shopping Essentials

    There are also "mobile workstations" to consider. Laptop with Quadro etc. Expensive but necessary for everyone who needs to work with 3D rendering et similar
  15. diegomelch

    MSI G-Series Unlocked BIOS

    I can't download the file here why is that? I would like to download the 16F1 unlocked for my Gx660. edit: ok, it's for the promotion stuff. Anyway: I'm having a problem with my new stick pair of RAMs. I think this unlocked BIOS can solve my issue, because RAM is recognized by the BIOS but not by WIndows. The ram sticks are 1600Mhz, so maybe it's something regarding the voltage or the cas... I don't know.

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