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  1. Hi, I have read up and understand that also I need to enable hotplug. I'm running a gtx 1070 via beast v8 adapter and can only run the card on Nvidia 372,70 drivers, otherwise i getting code 43. Games like Battlefield 1 don't support older drivers. Know anything about how to work around this, Is this solution you talking about late thred working? Laptop ASUS R514JR - S4042H Thanks, DodsRyckarn
  2. I have the exakt same problem and same system, have you managed to fix this? plz let me know....
  3. Hi, I detecting the Egpu and evrything is running. But its geting very slow, slower than only CPU. Running a Asus i7 16gb ram, gtx760m and gtx 590 with cx600wat psu. I can find what type of mPCIe im running but i understand i need to ugrade it to version 1.2? but i relley can not reinstall my windows 10, i just have to much work on it. I can not figure if i can use USB as boot or not to run the setup1.3?
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