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  1. I have another idea how to get it working, but I don't know if that works: I could change in the graphics bios the vid and pid, so for example it gets recognized as a 485M, maybe that would work. Next thing would be getting the drivers working .. That would be easier, as of now I could not open the mainboard bios for editing, it's a shame that clevo locked down the bios that way.. Edit: nibitor doesn't work for that card, so I cant change the vid and pid
  2. I would like to know if @Prema knows how to do this? Are you able to mod the original bios to allow this card? I would be so happy to get it working Since a 7970M is somehow working in this unit, then a 680m should be also fine.
  3. Hello, I have bought a Clevo 680M with 29 vBios, but my W870CU refuses to detect it, in Bios it says: VGA Card: Unkown. It boots, but shuts down after ~1:30 mins, and after 1 minute blinking touchlights. Is there a way to get it working? Clevo 680m - 'OCedition' revised_01.zip Bios.rar
  4. Hey, sounds like a bug, first thing I would try to update the bios and see if that works. If not, than for whatever reason the bios doesnt like the ram sticks, but I would try at first the bios update.
  5. I never saw any good working PLC Devices, maybe for surfing but if you need performance its rubbish. Best solution is to place ethernet cables and put APs on it, with wifi range extenders you can also have overlapping and reacton time issues.
  6. 80, but perhaps I play ~5
  7. Hey, hard to say, but it sounds to me that the connection wire to the monitor has a failure, I would check this first. Second, which is quite unlikely, that both cards are damaged, maybe you had some overvoltage. You could try to test your notebook with another card, maybe from a friend or so. If this still doesnt help, then its likely that your mainboard is damaged.
  8. Hey, I had exactly the same problem on an older mysn Notebook. I found out, that the Notebook Bios made its checks, but the screen showed no single picture. You have to flash the vbios with dos and nvflash blind, search the commands you need and type it in. I remember, I needed about 2 hours to get it back to life, but in the end it was worth
  9. Hey guys, sorry for bringing this old thread up, but I need really fast this bios file, I have a Clevo W870CU Notebook here from a friend and he tried to mod his vbios without doing a backup before Now its brick and I can repair it.. If someone has this Clevo 470m - vbios file, can you upload it somewhere or pn me? Thank you!