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  1. No update to 1060, 1070 or 1080 will be made available through PC Specialist.
  2. http://www.clevo.com.tw/clevo_prodetail.asp?id=944&lang=en http://www.clevo.com.tw/clevo_prodetail.asp?id=946&lang=en
  3. Clevo have now listed a P775DM2G which sports a 1060 or 1070 and they have a P775DM3G which has the 1080. So there must be some other major difference or they would just release a P775DM2G with a choice of 1060, 1070 or 1080. I would, therefore say your reseller is probably guessing correctly on the 1080 not fitting. Have you asked them about the 1060 or 1070?
  4. Disappointing news for you I am afraid. Although they have included CPU Voltage Offset in the new BIOS, the available range is only on a positive level (0 - 500mV).
  5. I hovered over the trigger for a while too and it has been a bit of pain getting it working to a satisfactory level. But it now works very well. The latest BIOS seems to have ironed out some performance issues and adds a few new OC features.
  6. Just updated my PC Specialist BIOS to 1.05.09, after updating the EC's . There are now a few extra menus in the BIOS for overclocking which have appeared since 1.05.05.
  7. The replacement screen also exhibited backlight bleed to the bottom on the left-hand side. Rather than send it back again, I decided to inspect the screen assembly for a cause and found that without the bezel there was no backlight bleed. It was infact the bezel pinching the screen in this area which was causing the bleed. Following a chat with the supplier, it was decided that the only solution was in placing carefully sized adhesive foam packers within the void to alleviate the pressure on the screen caused by the edge of the bezel. After a bit of tinkering, I had 100% success and now have a backlight bleed free laptop screen. Building up the depth of the packers with layers of thin strips was the key to finding the right thickness without causing the bezel to noticeably bulge.
  8. All of them are M2.5 x 5L, except for the middle one which is M2.5 x 8L... I only know this as mine turned up with a screw missing and I had to double check in the service manual when they sent me out the M2.5 X 8L.
  9. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced issues with excessive backlight bleed on their Clevo laptop? The panel is a 75Hz LP173WF4-SPF1.
  10. @fejerm who did you buy yours from? I have some issues with backlight bleed but really do not want to fall foul of this monitor issue you and @snowpepsi are having, if I send it back for a screen swap. I remember reading somewhere that the only difference between the SPF1 and the SPD1 is the connector location or something to do with the connector. Though , comparing your screenshots makes me think the 60Hz SPD1 (LGD046C) is simply not G-sync compatible, whereas the 75Hz SPF1 (LGD0469) is. Attached a screenshot of my moninfo dump.
  11. 1. System BIOS 1.05.06 for P775DM1/P775DM1-G only. 2. Update CPU micro code. 3. Update ME firmware to I have not tried it yet, waiting to hear what PCS come up with following their chat with Clevo.
  12. Just got mine from PC Specialist, which BIOS do you currently have?
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