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  1. I hope rockstar will aply more work on the new GTA game next year, i have already pre ordered that game! so i'm glad if it will rune fine on my m14x r2....
  2. I think svl7 is working on it.... but i'm also happy with a unlocked bios, so i hope to see the results soon. But so far i'm happy with my m14x r2, it have temprature is almost always between the 40-50c. Even if i game it hit almost never higher than 55, now i'm using a cooler it will stay always -50.
  3. Thats right, taken your time! So we don't destroy our laptops! in don't understatement why Dell/Alienware don't show us aan changelog....
  4. What is your advice if I want to play games with higher settings or better fps? overclock cpu +GPU or only GPU, because i'm not really in this sort of things... anyway thnx! What is your advice if I want to play games with better settings or dx11 and better fps? overclock the cpu or gpu or both? Thnx anyway!
  5. Finally a new bios on the Dell website, maybe svl7 can mod it. May next question is: i cant find a guide on how tot overclock, have someone aan link?
  6. I tot aan New m14x r2 without this New bios A08 button in cant downgrade, van you maybe make it posible tot overclock alsof this bios? Anyway thanks
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