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  1. I was wondering for that. I am seeing many chinese users of TaoBao using that cards with MXM 3.0B factor posting results in 60hz screen. I already saw alienware 17 and M17x R4 working of igfx and 60hz screen at feedback section. The GTX 1050ti have LVDS output also in MXM 3.0B so maybe the gtx 1060 can have also. A user managed to work quadro P5000 with igfx also on his M17x R4: http://forum.notebookreview.com/threads/quadro-p5000-with-m17x-r4.800489/' I think if your system has a igfx or other type of resource to transalate the vga signal you will be fine. I will try in my M15x a gtx 1060 or 1050ti when get more funds,,,, the PM55 chipset has support for translate to vga, lvds, and 3x display ports. It already have a ramdac integrated that the people say that is missing in pascal and polaris.
  2. Thanks!!! I used my m15x to flash svl7 vbios and used in dedicated mode in alienware 17, i need only work to remove throtling when overclocking, when i have more time i will follow the steps on post that you showed me. Now i have it in M15x and is working very well playing gta V and crysis 3 with 920xm and 330w psu. In m15x with svl7 bios got 13550 pgpu 3d11 and in alienware 17 13250!
  3. Please i had asked before, but i will try again. I have a alienware 17 ranger and i got stucked in detect the gpu with mnvflash. There is a solution for this? I am using windows 8.1! Enviado do meu iPhone usando Tapatalk
  4. I tested that bios above in my own 980m on alienware 17 ranger... It stucks on 135mhz.... I also have tested in my M15x with svl7 vbios and a undervolted mine bios with turbo increased both work very well... No throtling at all, only in svl7 the temps reach 90 degres in crysis 3 but with my edited bios undervolted it peaks around 75~80 celsius. M15x cooling is less than 17 profile, but the card work at full speed. I want to do a review but i need some time. I am at sea and soon i will post my impressions! Enviado do meu iPhone usando Tapatalk
  5. Hey guys... I have a 980m and Alw17 and M15x.... In M15x the card works flawless, but in alienware 17 when a try to use mnvflash the program get so lazy and I have to be waiting and waiting until i give up and finish the work in Task manager. Had anyone that issue?
  6. I did some changes on clevo stock vbios 8gb if you wanna see if stop it. Is 1392 on core and 2897 on memory.... Maybe the overclock options can be disabled. https://www.sendspace.com/file/q5pcww Give some feedback after, and i sad to you try maxwell bios tweaker... there are both kepler and maxwell tools.
  7. Had you seen the common problem with Mr Fox's M18x??? He tried install 980m and had throttling issues.... So far had you observed if the throotle occurs if a specified temp? Some dell systems have that issue with a temp limit like 66º in optimus and 77º without optimus. For example i have a alienware 17 ranger and 780m, that throotles in 66º, and decided not use the svl7 vbios that works like a champ but i prefer overclock it via bios to don't need create profiles of nvinspector or msi afterburner.... So I use my original vbios, and i solved my throotling issues using the Kepler Bios Tweaker v1.27 and set all clocks to 954 mhz in fisrt page and raise the voltage states for each clock to 1.000v so when the card try to downclock by itself, it downclock for the same clock so no matter the clock the card choose it will be always at 954 mhz in Performance p-state for all clocks transition. You can try Maxwell Bios Tweaker.... I left 954mhz 1.000v and 2997 on memory with dell original vbios and the throotling didn't happen more. I left untouched the other p-states for idle use.
  8. I am on a new m17x r4 and i began play with the alien Fx, i like the red color and i have a theme to put that. So sunddenly after some use i'd seen that the alien power button is stucked in blue light. Don't matter what i can do, always get blue and only orange in battery. Some info about that?
  9. I am on bios A08 default, so what i need to flash the unlocked bios? is better downgrade to A05 and after that reflash with the A05 unlock or can i flash directly the A10 unlocked?
  10. Maracatu Atômico :] recife? Haha humm I am on dell card in my m17x but i have also a clevo p150em and your card looks more cooler. I will flash and do some tests to see if is stable for day by day. I have the same system i will try it xD 1030 and 2300 on stock? looks very nice.
  11. Someone have been tested the 1.025v vbios for gtx 680m in m17x r4? And temps?
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