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  1. pavchogeo

    Y500 gt650m sli UHD perfoermance

    I am interested in getting an external UHD 4k external monitor for my Lenovo y500 sli ... As i read in specs gt650m supports 4k resolution ... Has anyone tested the overall performance of the laptop when hooking it up to a UHD monitor? i am mostly interested in CAD use
  2. pavchogeo

    Y500 audio problem

    i get plugged/unplugged audio device notification ... and sometimes randomly sound stops , i have tried unistalling and instelling the latest audio drivers from realtek but same error again , is it a driver or a hardware problem .... even if permanently uninstalling realtek drivers and using windows drivers sound gets randomly stoped...
  3. so was anyone able to overclock the 3630qm in thw y500 sli ? is it possible with XTU or it need unlocked bios ?
  4. pavchogeo

    Autocad sli

    Would Autocad benefit from sling nvidia Quadro cards ? i have tested sling gt 650m but there was no luck with autocad... under heavy 3d load and rendering only the one card was maxed out but the second was bearly used ( 5-10 % usage ) could it make any differnce if i sli quadro cards?
  5. pavchogeo

    Lenovo y500 GT650M SLI second graphics card performance.

    i get only 3-8% on the second card using autocad revit 2016 on heavy load ... is there something i can do ?
  6. i get BSOD after updating from 2x4 gb to 2x8 gb ram ... what could be wrong ?
  7. pavchogeo

    Y500 Overheating?

    3 years since i bought it , i have never changed the thermal paste but i never break the 75 C barrier even through hours of autocad civil 3d 2016 rendering
  8. pavchogeo

    Install mac os x on your y500 hackintosh

    thank you very much it runs smoothly with no problems
  9. on my gt 650m sli i have great fps too ... there sould be something wrong

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