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  1. thanks for the info you have been the most helpful out of anyone that has replyed to me! I'm gonna go for a desktop tho after finding just a few too many good deals on parts while researching this i realized i could save just enough to get a good desktop started and with another good investment could future proof that desktop pretty well (before i thought i was gonna have to pay a lot up front to get a nice one which is why i was just gonna opt for the cheap) but once i have my desktop upgraded i'll have a spare PSU and i will surely be on the lookout for this eGPU stuff on sale and new updates because its just too cool and its the kind of thing i think i would enjoy a lot just to see if i could get it working. I am still interested in overclocking the i7 2720qm in my e6420. along with the ram if possible but it seems a little over my head and I have it cooling good as well since it never gets moved i took the bottom panel off and i have a cooler on it 24/7 and i can also thermal paste it and add a vac cooler to the outside if i get bad temps on the O/C. ANY suggestions on what i should look up to start this?
  2. What are my chances of setting up eGPU on the e6420 i7 2720qm with expresscard, its the intel hd3000 version no discrete graphics. i was going for a pe4c 3.0 and have yet to pick my video card. still trying to get advice on a few i have picked out before i buy them (feel free to look here and give your opinions) https://www.reddit.com/r/eGPU/comments/4ds066/dell_latitude_e6420_with_expresscard_possible/ I've done a lot of research since posting the thread but I'm still not aware of what gen speeds im going to get with only the expresscard (i just want to plug and play for now but if it would be possible to double up on my pci slots let me know please!) its great to get any info i can before i take the 300 dollar plunge. I am also still kind of at a lose on weather to choose the r7 370 or the gtx 750 ti or 660 and if my video ram is going to matter much just for gaming. I should note that i only plan to game on the external display so will nvidia optimus still help by compressing bandwidth? any questions you can answer will help a lot! EDIT~ and by chances of setting it up I mean chances that it will come together without too much persuasion. also heres one that i have yet to see anywhere, after installed does my internal run off of the iGPU while im also running the external display off the eGPU? or does it run off the eGPU as well (while both are on?)
  3. organic_insanity

    nvidia optimus?

    does nvidia optimus compress data on any noticable level? also while looking on geforce sites i found that optimus is only listed as supported on one desktop gpu (the gtx 750) http://www.geforce.co.uk/hardware/technology/optimus/supported-gpus?field_gpu_type_value=All but on the .com site it is listed on only the gtx 980? http://www.geforce.com/hardware/technology/optimus/supported-gpus?field_gpu_type_value=All to clarify i am using expresscard on a dell latitude e6420 it has an i7 quad core 2720qm with intel hd3000, i saw that optimus compresses data when on a pci 1.0 lane and works well with intel hd3000, i was planning to use a gtx 750 ti and pe4c and only care about gaming performance using an external hdmi tv as a monitor. thanks! (open to suggestions and budget is 200 bucks and i already have a psu)
  4. organic_insanity

    latitude e6420 expresscard egpu how to get started?

    i have done a little more research and im gonna use expresscard. its not a 2.0 and im wondering if i should go with a chea[er card since its limited by bandwidth anyway or if a newer card will help enough to be justified. and any reccomendations on using either gdc beast or a pe4c? thanks
  5. organic_insanity

    latitude e6420 expresscard egpu how to get started?

    im sorry its integrated. Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2720QM CPU @ 2.20GHz intel hd3000. 8gb ram. 256 ssd.
  6. Can someone with a little experience point me in the right direction of setting up an external card on this laptop. what should i know and where should i go (to buy) components. Thank you very much for the help

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