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  1. Finally... i connected AC7260...Thanks to master octiceps...He promoted me...
  2. I do not understand, when you compare an Nvidia and an AMD graphic card with the same price, the specifications of AMD are better but the Nvidia has better performance.
  3. I changed my HD to SSD and UEFI was enabled. With Acronis i cloned my HD to new SSD. But when i plugged in the new SSD , the system booted on Windows 10. I had dual boot Ubuntu 15.10 and windows 10. I used boot repair and it restored my grub. However Ubuntu could not boot. I found out the fstab had the UUID of the HD, so manually i replaced the value and everything worked as it was with HD but much much faster. Acronis warned me if you have linux partitions maybe they will not be bootable after cloning. After this successful upgrade i decided to change also wlan card to AC7260, i am still working on it(waiting for allowance to download the appropriate files)
  4. i see that 361.42 is the available version for download for linux 64. When i try to install nvidia drivers downloaded from nvidia's site in my Lenovo Y500 650m SLI, my ubuntu stops working. Then i have to remove/purge everything from nvidia and install them through apt-get. Of course not this version. Does anybody follow the linux driver versions? I mean does anybody use the official site to download the latest drivers in linux?
  5. I have a suggestion to make, it is a small improvement. When i press the search button(top right) a search bar appears but in order to search i have to click on the left side of it. Every time i click on the right side, just below the search button, and i begin to write but actually the search box has no focus yet.
  6. I am in exact same position.I have the same laptop and bought the same wlan card(AC7260) I found out that i have to mod the bios. When i googled the message that laptop shows after ac7260 installation, i reached here. Then i could not download the files, as i understood 5 posts were needed. I tried to post some thanks but i got a warning for spamming and for a day i could not post anything, in the meanwhile the laptop was uncovered waiting for a solution.
  7. I have nvidia GTX 970, can my card use the freesync technology or i have to look for a G-Sync monitor?
  8. I bought Intel Ac7260, but i found out that i have to mod my bios in order to install it. I have a Lenovo Y500.
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