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  1. Much appreciated. Will try it out after work! Im so giddy to finally have a decent wifi card haha.
  2. Everytime I try to make a backup using the bat file for 3.05, the window pops up, Disappears and no file is made. It makes a error file when I dont do it as admin, but when I do it as admin nothing shows up.
  3. I have neither. I have the Y510p, which Im extremely happy with, besides the trashcan reproduced wifi card. I had a kid in my class who had a sager laptop, and wow, it was LOUD. i could tap the eraser against the table and fail to hear it in some fan spin ups. That alone would be a killer for me. Although since its 400+ cheaper, you could look into a fan replacement. Not sure how you feel about that.
  4. usb 2.0 is unbearable when you know the speed of 3.0... esata is great too. Keeps the ports cleared too!
  5. Have a 88 lincoln LSC mark 7 with the windsor 5.0... Cobra intake, crane race cams, 26 lb injectors, manual conversion, msd, full straight pipe true duals, cobra wheels wrapped in nt555's. fun car. Currently, the tune is acting up around redline (unknown, due to cobra heads, and rpm tach is goofy) and bent a push rod i think. How do I know what size valve to get? and are springs/retainers/rockers all standard size for a 5.0 windsor cobra head?
  6. Damn i think the one that had me hooked, was ROSE online. That game was gigantic. Still not finished... That and silkroad, before it turned into a all out gold scam and hack fest.
  7. Also, check nexus mods for unofficial bug fixes. FO3 is actually a great looking game because of the NM community.
  8. I played rust when it first came out, and imho it was more fun. When they started tweaking it and made it into a minecraft is whe i couldnt stand it.
  9. I was wonderin about this too. I sold my cards for a pretty decent price and got a 280. A lot less hassle, more support, and all games like a single 20x more than a gli/xfire. gl!
  10. Cant wait to try this on my 280! thanks man!
  11. Whats up guys. Just here to read a few things for the y510p. Thanks! Lol Looks like the era of lenovo's control is coming to a end! Hopefully.
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