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  1. https://www.amazon.ca/Thunder2-Storage-Enclosure-without-%2523TBQ-TIAA-AKTU/dp/B00LMON6Z4/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1459271761&sr=8-1&keywords=akitio+thunder+2 it seems like i can only find a quad case in canada, and that they dont sell the thunder2, i think ill just build one, and save the 300 =p thankyou for your information dschijn! ill start the build asap
  2. hello techinferno! new the the forums, so i hope i dont get eaten alive, i tried to search for current posts, and im getting a couple older posts regarding bizon tech external gpus for macbook pros, as well as akitio, im not looking for a large external gpu housing, looking for something that im able to travel with(put in a backpack), so purchasing a gaming pc is out of the question, ive looked at bizon tech, and im getting mixed reviews, i see great comments regarding their products, then im getting that you shouldn't even consider it, here is the link from bizon tech https://bizon-tech.com/us/bizonbox2-egpu.html/ keep in mind id be paying in CAD, so i'd prefer if it was a Canadian website as the exchange on the dollar is a killer current macbook specs, havent upgrades to ssd yet, currently in the middle of some work, and i dont want it to corrupt by any means
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