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  1. @Klem Could you unlock power limits and overvoltage/undervoltage on this stock Clevo vbios? Thanks Clevo.GTX970M.6144.140905.
  2. Hello everyone, It's been a long time since my last post here and I see a lot of things changed (no more Prema around). I do have a Clevo P157SMA Premamod v2 with 4800MQ and a Clevo blue card GTX 970M 6GB with Premamod v2 . On Project cars wich taxes heavly both CPU+GPU I do have throttling on my modded 970M once the card goes over 102W of power consumption reported by Hwinfo. Limit reason: gpu power. Ocing it with just + 50 +200 . Is there anything I can do to avoid that? Nvidia Inspector doesn't let me undervolt to reduce power consumption, just overvolt. The bios I am using is the prema v2 attached. Thanks to the people here who helps Others! prema970v2backup.rom
  3. Oh Lost... What a wonderful memory! And I followed Alcatraz too, because it was reminding me of Lost so much.. I got very angry when they cancelled it
  4. I'll do, thank you. What about the switch Fn / windows key function?
  5. Hello master Prema. Thank you for all your efforts helping us. I have a p157sm-a and (like it was said some pages before) it has windows Key to the left (very very inconvenient for gamers ) and Fn to the right. I'd like to reverse their function. I've tried enabling the switch from the corresponding line in your latest bios mod but it doesn't work at all. Any way to make it work or am I doing something wrong? Secondly, my keyboard is backlit and it works with the latest hot key version from sager for Windows 10. All the areas are showing all the RGB colors except the center area of the keyboard: it seems stuck to blue gradations (I can't make it green or red like other areas) even if the software tell it to do so. Broken keyboard? Or EC problem? Thank you so much
  6. Game of thrones Breaking bad House of Cards True detective Big bang theory Walking dead Dexter Alias
  7. Thank you for you answer! And can the 51x be installed over it? Or not?
  8. Hello, can a MSI 1762 barebone with 680M and your modded .30M bios be upgraded to 8xx or 9xx cards? Thank you
  9. I have this in my desktop, bought already with the latest firmware 2.22, no issues at all! Great performance/price!
  10. I'm not a "trademark" fanboy. Usually I'm a "tech" fanboy.. Whoever gives the best packet will take my money. And this paket include: Performance, Price, Old or New tech, driver, other software support. Considering the all thing is never so simple as it seems , especially nowadays with economic crysis. At the end, I've always picked nvidia cards to the present, but more because of the habits with nvidia softwares than other aspects I usually had to consider. ATi nowadays is a valid option: drivers are more frequent and with less problems, tech and performance are great, lack of software and marketing is repaid with considerably lower price. If you have not budget problems, I'd suggest nvidia but today, more than in the past, is a hard and very "case sensitive" choice.
  11. Wow! Great news! There would be any advanteges with a 2720QM?
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