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  1. Does anyone know how to OC ke RAM? I read someone from here was able to run at 1866Mhz on his Corsair Vengeance... I have the same RAM but run at 1600Mhz but on tighter timing... I forget to mention that im using i7 3630QM 45Watt on my 2570p, BIOS version is F.40...
  2. Is all the tweak on this thread applicable to Dell E6430s too? Because there is no specific thread for Dell E6430s (or E6330 because both are basicly the same).
  3. Can anyone help me setting up RAID 0 on GPT drive Windows 10? RAID 0 on Win 10 only works on legacy mode and MBR drive. I'm using it to connect a AMD GPU and recent nVidia GPU on my PE4C V3.0. But everytime i'm setting the RAID 0 using IRST on Win 10, it always warn me that the SSD (with installed OS inside) will be erase. That's why it always give error on Win 10. Here's the steps on how I setup my Samsung 850 Pro 256GB 2x on my 2570p: 1. Turn off the system. 2. Put SSD on the drive bay and hdd caddy. 3. Go to BIOS setting. 4. Set SATA to RAID. Set BIOS to EUFI only. Save and turn off system. 5. Put my FD boot OS installer. Turn on system and press F9 to choose the boot sequence. 6. Install the Win 10 at SSD thats on the primary drive bay because (from some reasons) it cannot install on SSD caddy bay. 7. On Win 10, update the OS. Restart. 8. Install 2570p Win 10 driver (especially the JMicron SD card reader). Restart. 9. Install the newest iGPU driver. Restart. 10. Install IRST software from HP website. Restart. 11. Load ke IRST and choose "Make". Select RAID 0, and next. And there's a warning that the setup will erase all data on all SSD that being used for RAID 0 config. When I choose to proceed in a couple second Windows show an error. But when I'm AHCI + legacy mode BIOS, theres no such error. The warning is there but there no error when it finish configure my RAID 0. Been asking aroung using Google but theres no satisfiying answers. Some says because it's using RAID on software. But one thing I know, setting up RAID (in any mode) that takes up outside OS only works on desktop. Ive been using RAID 0 on my desktop and it take place after the BIOS, before the OS loading. If u asking why I using RAID 0 on UEFI Win 10 because its such a hassle to use DSDT override if I wanna use recent nVidia GPU or AMD GPU. And UEFI Win 10 support plug n play eGPU. And last but not least, which sodimm DDR3 PC17000 that supported on 2570p? The G.Skill Ripjaws $90 for 4GBx2 include shipment to Indonesia. Is there any suggestion about this kind of RAM?
  4. Could you PM me your egpu result on 2570p? Considering using 2570p for my portable gaming notebook using eGPU... Thx b4...
  5. Dear all, This is my 1st post and sorry for the bad English. It's not my 1st language. Currently wondering about using eGPU, right now I'm confused between these 2 laptops. Dell E6430 or HP 8470P. Is it really no solution to get PCI-E 2.0 2x at Dell E6430? From what I heard (or I read), the only thing that we could get the 2.0 2x is by using PE4C V2.1. And as far as I know, it has been discontinue and replace by the newer PE4C V3.0. Using the V3.0 (whether EC or mPCI-E) on Dell E6430 wil only result on 2.0 1x which 4Gbps, right? On the contrary, EC's bandwitdh on HP 8470p has 5Gbps. Both laptop are great. Has RAID, support XMP, 900p, excellence build quality etc. Is there any other IB laptop that has wider bandwidth than HP 8470p? Exclude the thunderbolt one coz I never found any IB laptop that has Thunderbolt port here, in Indonesia.
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