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  1. So, I tried the modded bios, but now the card is temp throttling :). It stays at 835mhz, but when the gpu hits 82*, the cpu usage goes to 40-50% and the fps in games are 10. So I reverted back to the original bios and started to play with the clocks, to find the "stable" clock. I found it: 850mhz and 1300 memory (stable 78*). I noticed that at these speeds, the voltage stays under 1.000. If I overclock it above those clocks, the voltage jumps above 1 and the card overheats. When I return home, I'll try to re-paste the gpu, but those voltages got me concerned, Is it possible to undervolt the card? I remember back in the day I undervolted my desktop video card and processor, and the temps got 10-15* lower.

    If I try default clocks 745mhz and 2000mhz memory (under load - 1.012v), the gpu still throttles

    If i try 850mhz and 2000 - the voltage stays the same 1.012 still throttles

    if I try 950mhz and 2000 - the same 1.012

    So the voltage never really changes at these speeds, but if its above 1.000, no matter the clocks, the gpu will throttle in some way.

  2. Some news from my new Mainboard, its off topic, but should help everyone with termal issues:

    I tried some gaming and the Notebook always shut down after few seconds. I checked the temperature and saw that it climbed up to 95°C and then shut down.

    I dissasembled the Notebook and saw the mess... The repair guy didn´t apply any thermal greas!!Such a stupid idiot! I applied some of my good silver thermal grease and could now play games more than a few seconds ;)

    But at this point i noticed, that my temperatures where still climbing up to 80-90°C on GPU. I dissasembled again and checked the GPU. I saw that the grease wasn´t even on the cooler, on one side it was much thiker, so something was wrong with the cooler mounting. At first i though that the thermal pads from the video memory where pushing the cooler to much up. So i squeezed them and checked again with new grease. Issue was still the same.

    Then i checked the mounting points from the GPU cooler and found the issue: The GPU Cooler has 3 mounting points, one of them is soldered to the mainboard (i think its point with #5). And this mounting point is higher than the other 2! So i could screw the cooler tight as i can, but it never would sit evenly on the GPU and causing overheat or high temps... I solved the problem. It sounds gross but works: I took a Dremel with a grinding pad and removed about 0,5mm Material from the mountin point. Then applied new grease and checked the fitment. The cooler sits now absolutely tight on the GPU and my temps dropped to 60°C on full load (overclocked to 970mhz) and 40-50°C at idle. The fan is now most time off when im browsing the internet or just reading files. The mounting points on this Motherboard are total fail!!! But now its win ;-))

    Can you explain which mount is higher (or point it in a picture). Because I have the same issue. I want to bring my Dell to the warranty technician and explain to him, so he could fix it for me. I could do it myself, but it would void the warranty.




    is this mount that you;re talking about? :


  3. Hello, I'm having a really hard time with this video card. The default GPU clock is 745mhz, it should boost to 835mhz. The problem is that it throttles down constantly. I read a thread, in which I found a way around the dynamic clock boost. So, now I can overclock the 650m manualy with nVidia Inspector. I tried to overclock the GPU to 1000, 900 and 800mhz, but in game, after 10 minutes it throttles down to 745mhz. And I can't overclock it back! I have to shut down the laptop and remove the charger. If I only restart Windows I can overclock the memory, but the GPU stays on 745mhz. The temps are normal, under heavy load they are 70-75. The OC is stable, on 1ghz GPU there're no artifacts or shutters.

    I found modded bios-ses for 660m and 680m, so can anybody edit the bios of 650m? I would upload the BIOS, but GPU-z says: Bios reading not suported on this device.

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