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  1. How is it that Kepler cards work in MS-16F1 but not MS-16F2? Aren't they basically the same mobos?
  2. How did you flash it? Did you blind flash it or did you just flash it on another laptop?
  3. Is it possible to not have to use Throttlestop? Maybe disabling it in an unlocked bios?
  4. I've got up to LEM and now mainly play FACEIT. If anybody's looking for a capable rifler to play with hit me up
  5. Out of interest why would you use Throttlestop on a Surface Pro 3?
  6. Isn't the sandybridge CPUs a bottleneck for the 970M though? Trying to figure out whether it's worth it (I have an i7 2670qm).
  7. Is it actually worth upgrading the RAM from the stock 1333mhz sticks? I have 8GB installed at the moment (with an i7 2670qm). Also does it matter which slots the RAM is installed in?
  8. I'm going to start broadcasting as soon as I fix my laptop. www.twitch.tv/bobhagel84 I will mainly stream Age of Empires, so it's a little niche but hopefully I can get a small audience of nostalgic people :))
  9. Hi I'm Bob from the Netherlands. Well, I'm here like many folk are, to download certain files. (Unlocked bios in my case). I own a MSI GT683DXR and am patching it up as the GPU has recently died. But for me this is a learning experience too. Looking to pickup knowledge and hopefully contribute
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