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  1. Hi Thank you so much for replying. Anyway, I managed to install the driver and be detected. But now my problem is code 12 error. I cant run it to an external monitor. Every time it runs to a monitor, after a few seconds it will shutdown the whole system.
  2. This is implementation Guide subforum --> ( Successful implementations on PC notebooks ) You should post a thread in provisional guide subforum --> ( These guides are a work in progress ) But it's okay. Nando will move this thread, immediately. I got that error too but when I override dsdt, it fixed the error. Try to follow this:
  3. Good Day, My egpu driver is already installed and device manager requires to restart, but after restarting the egpu driver is undetected again. I'm using hotswap or hotplug trick while in sleep mode. Once the driver is detected and reinstalled again, it requires to restart the os. I'm trapped... Can someone please help and give me suggestions? thank you My setup: Toshiba l630 core i5 2nd gen 2.53ghz 4gb ram Pe4c 3.0 mpcie gtx 960 generic psu 600w driver installed dsdt override done win7 64bit ultimate
  4. please help about my TOLUD. i override it already. I dont know if its enough
  5. Now, I finally installed the driver... I use hotplug trick on wifi and pe4c while in sleep mode. But when ever I restart my laptop, the driver becomes undetected again and I have to reinstall the driver. I'm out of ideas for now
  6. I'm using 600w generic psu. It's working fine with my GTX 960.
  7. I bought this PE4C 3.0 mPCIE and plugged in to my laptop Toshiba Pro L630... It's not working the laptop cant detect egpu. Tried the delay switches but no luck. Even hotplugging trick wont work. Any suggestion guys?
  8. I'm so sorry. my mistake anyway, still not working with delay switches. Is there a way that I can force the driver to install? I tried my other laptop and it works to dell inspiron.
  9. Good day guys, I'm still learning about egpu. Is my laptop compatible with pe4c 3.0 with gtx 960? Laptop: Toshiba Pro L630 Core i5-430m 2.53ghz 4gb ram no pcie slot vcard use: Zotac GTX 960 PSU use: Generic 600w egpu: PE4C 3.0 mPCIE Issue: the egpu fan is spinning and I the led lights are turned on to 2 green lights. I replaced my wifi to egpu. The problem is my laptop not detecting the egpu. Sometimes it turns of my laptop after a few seconds. I tried all the combination of delay switch and the hotplug trick. Please HELP ME... thanks
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