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  1. Is there any risk of loosing windows 10 licence by flashing this unlocked bios ?
  2. Cheapest what i found was Lenovo Y series laptops.
  3. Hz or refresh rates is the same stuff. Basically it's says how many times in one second the picture is refreshed. More hz better, but your rig has to have enough horse power to drive higher frame rates
  4. In theory you should run all processors with FCPGA988 socket, unless the power supply is to weak to run more power hungry cpu's.
  5. You got broken ram or one ram slot is damaged. Basicly pc's and laptops doesnt show anything if ram is inserted incorrectly or it is damaged.
  6. Scan the drive with victoria (search in hirens boot cd tools menu). If you will get huge amounts of damaged blocks then you got screwd and only solution is to change hdd.
  7. As msata owner i can say that the speed of msata is almost the same and depends on manufacture.
  8. TomasM

    Y500 Overheating?

    Check if your heatsink is not defected, i got few laptops with that problem and the problem was that heat from cpu or gpu stuck in the middle of the way to radiator.
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