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  1. MacGamer

    DIY eGPU Macbook experiences

    Anyone have issues getting OpenGL working on an eGPU?
  2. MacGamer

    2016 Macbook Pros and eGPUs

    Can confirm Razer score works on AMD MacBooks on the internal display! Currently getting 45fps+ on Black Ops 3 with everything maxed out.
  3. I'm trying to enable my iGPU for the 15" Mac with 450. I've managed to get rEFInd working and run apple_set_os.efi. However, once I try to boot into Windows or MacOS after running that script, everything freezes. The only way to fix is to reinstall MacOS. Anyone else with this problem? Never knew getting an eGPU working would be this difficult. Edit: I just ran integrated.bat and rebooted into safe mode. All that happened was a frozed Win 10 logo, and I cannot boot into MacOS again. I'm pretty sure this is the issue to my boot problems and not apple_set_os.efi.
  4. MacGamer

    2016 Macbook Pros and eGPUs

    I'm struggling to fix this error. Can you elaborate on what you did?
  5. MacGamer

    2016 Macbook Pros and eGPUs

    Just got my Razer Core and new MacBook. I'm trying to enable the iGPU, but I cannot boot into rEFInd after following the installation problems. Anyone else with this issue?
  6. MacGamer

    2016 Macbook Pros and eGPUs

    You could try undervolting and using a program that prevents unnecessary throttling. A way to test if the CPU is bottlenecking would be to find a game that's mostly hard on the GPU. I think you'll still find TB3 improvements in actual games. Have you managed to get it working with the internal display (maybe via dragging from the external)? Sorry to ask again, but I can't find any additional information on this.
  7. MacGamer

    2016 Macbook Pros and eGPUs

    CPU bottleneck?
  8. MacGamer

    2016 Macbook Pros and eGPUs

    Sweet! Let me know if you can get the internal display accelerated.
  9. MacGamer

    2016 Macbook Pros and eGPUs

    Sounds promising. I have a similar setup arriving in a few days. Really hoping I can get the internal display to work.
  10. MacGamer

    2016 Macbook Pros and eGPUs

    I'm going to be purchasing a Macbook Pro 15" 2016 model with GTX 1080 and Razer Core. Will see if I can have any luck disabling the dGPU and see if I can get it working on both the external and internal display. I have one question, however. Will the stock 2.6GHZ quad with 3.5 turbo bottleneck the GTX?
  11. MacGamer

    2016 Macbook Pros and eGPUs

    I'm considering giving it a shot. All I'll need is a compatible GTX card and AKiTiO Node, correct? I've never built my own eGPU before.
  12. MacGamer

    2016 Macbook Pros and eGPUs

    I may take the gamble. Worse case is that it fails and I can sell the GPU on eBay haha. Does the extended internal screen only work on AMD, and have you heard anything about performance? Thinking of a GTX 1070 (if it's possible) to drive games at 2880x1800 or a comparable AMD.
  13. MacGamer

    2016 Macbook Pros and eGPUs

    I'm very interested in playing on the Mac's internal display, but all the 2016 15" models have an AMD dGPU. Would there be better chances at getting a Radeon to work with the internal display, or am I out of luck?
  14. MacGamer

    2016 Macbook Pros and eGPUs

    Has anyone confirmed that this works?
  15. I'm going to give that a shot. Assuming it did work, would it be possible to game in native resolution on most modern games with a decent FPS? I'm assuming a top GPU will be needed, but I'm wondering if the performance loss will be too much.

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