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  1. @Jecklen16 when you even didn't get your boot-stick on running, you, my friend, are doing it wrong. and it's not the forums fault, but yours. even thou, when you not even say which errors your pc is showing, you wil get no help, cause the ppl here are no psychics
  2. Does the tool require anything spezial? Java, c++ 05/08/10/12/13, .net framework 4.6.1 is installed
  3. Hm ... It's pretty strange. When i try to start the "BiosFixer_2.0" i can see it starting in the task-manager, but i see no window. The windows log got errors: Seems it's not compatible with Win10 x64 ? PS: AV disabled, only Windows firewall active, All Updates done. No "TuneUp" tools installed in any kind
  4. Well, I'm also interested in this tutorial. But my account keeps being "pre-promoted" even after waiting a week for the "unlock". Are the files even up and downloadable?
  5. Hey guys. I'm from germany and i bught a few weeks ago a Lenovo Y500 with SLI GTX650. A short time before i realized, that the WiFi card is pretty ... well "outdated". I cant even use the 5GHz Band of my router. So i bught a new WiFi card: Intel AC 7260 Replacing the original card i realized, that this notebook have a "whitelist", (as my old IBM ThinkPad T42 as well). So ... using google for a while and reading several tutorials i thing this one, written by svl7, is the best one. I hope my account will be unlocked next saturday, so i can downlaod the necessary files and unlock the BIOS to use all WiFi cards
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