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  1. Is it possible to make this happen on skylake too? Someone told that's possible, also with desktop, so I ask if we can make this happen on desktop skylake's?
  2. Ok, I changed with vbios, thanks to @Khenglish, with 650/1200mhz, but still can't change voltage. Anyone ? The best is that in boot it has 900mhz+...
  3. Hello. I have a problem here. I installed Radeon HD8970M, and it worked out-of-the-box in MSI GX740, but now I have problem, with 3D clocks. Under stress it didn't want to go full 950/1250, and I have done everything that I can do in Windows (Afterburner, Clockblocker, Maximize performance in Powerplay). I think it's a problem with vbios, that my laptop can't read quite properly. I want to edit those close, which are at 450/300, but VBE7 doesn't let me do it, and the voltage is there locked too. So I thought that hex editior would do the job, but still - I don't know where to edit it (which lines), and how change voltage (from 0.9V to 1.0-1.05V). I have attached my original HD8970M Vbios dumped with GPU-Z. Thanks in advance! ori8970m.rom
  4. Do you edit this vbios with Kepler Bios Tweaker or something else ?
  5. Other laptops without mods can't run it ? Like P570WM or P870DM ? At least P870DM should be ok to run GTX 980 Mobile in SLI
  6. @Klem I've the vbios thru the gpu-z 0.87 Attach it to this post. I can OC like normal - to +135/1000, but can you unlock it (and maybe voltage and power limit, but it's not necessary). Perfectly running it in MSI GX740 GK104.rom
  7. Ok. But i need the newer one like my vbios to unlock, because 33 is too old. As soon as i get the cqrd i will get a vbios straight from it (take the dump with gpuz or something else)?
  8. Is there anybody that unlocked the vbios for k5000m dell 80.04.5A.00.05 I can donate some beer money, but i havw a request to unlock it, please.
  9. Hello. I want to have some opinions about upgrade my notebook. It has the now the best I can get to it: - [email protected] - 180W AC Adapter (orginal from MSI - it's Delta Electronics charger not, some chinese or Dell's with changed cable) - HD5870M orginal MSI And I want to upgrade 5870M. I can have dell K5000M 4gb for ~205USD (let it be 210, because exchange rate is changing) Or GTX 970M from Clevo SM for 390$. What you would do ? Is the 970M almost 2x times better? I know that it has some impressive scores, and it's a cool card. My 5870M have now in stress max 64C so it's cool. I want to keep it down to 80-85C, nothing more, and good performance. I don't know if 970m would work, but gx and gt from 1 gen. are compatibile with almost anything I guess (because gx660 works with almost all cards, gx640 works with k5000m and k3100m and k4000m, 765m, so i guess that it also works with the 970m). Or I am mistaken ? Don't say to buy new or used other laptop - it works well for me, and I buy it for little money, so I want to maximise it without, wasting loads of cash. Is it possible to overclock k5000m still in gx? I know that it has some problems with coooling, but I take some copper radiators, take of the bottom case and stick it too my fan, so to keep it cool - and it's really cool now - cpu still got 80C in load (but it's 45nm 4c/8t i7 with 3ghz, so it needs to got a little hot with such a thin case), so I assume if my 5870M is so cool (60-64C), k5000M with small OC (maybe to 850/1500mhz), can do max 85C?
  10. Hello. I am new to this forum. I know that motherboard of MSI GX640/740 (which I have) is different than GX660. But still is it compatible with GTX 970M/980M ? I assume that the notebooks, are rather similar due to BIOS/UEFI and same generation, but still (other motherboard), can be differences. I will have Dell K4100M, so I will check it out, but nobody give answer if maxwell cards is working here. K5000M/680M works in MSI so I have high hopes, but still can't tell anything. Because it could be a good upgrade machine still. I have it for little money, and if I can grab some GTX 970M for 300$, I would have it for about 500$ (with selling of HD5870M and i5, because I replace it with 920XM i7). Still I will do some mods with cooling, to cool it down.
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