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  1. Just ran 3DMark and got 7447 Haven't had any artifacts yet so haven't had to touch the vcore setting. Will be trying to go for 8K. What temps are considered safe for the GPU btw? By safe I mean if I were to OC it and then play games so it would perhaps be that temperature for 3-4h at a time.
  2. Very strange. GPU-Z tells me my BIOS was "0A", when I started NVFLASH Toolkit and reflashed the GPU it told me I was already on "0A" but Nvidia Inspector told me I was on "0B". Anyway I reflashed and rebooted and can now go above +135 Thank you.
  3. Weird, these screenshots are from GPU-Z, "0B" is stock and "0A" is the vbios, I followed the instructions and the flash was successful. I downloaded the file named "https://www.techinferno.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=13073" but is that the same file as: https://www.techinferno.com/index.php?/files/file/86-asus_g752vt_970m_gs_unlockedrar/? Unsure which I downloaded but both seem to be the same file.
  4. I actually as of yet does not have any problems with artifacts but guessing that will be the case when I try to go higher. The thing is that "base clock" seems to be capped at +135 so I would not be able to rise it higher then that. Btw the link worked Ty again.
  5. @Klem Thank you very much I downloaded "Asus GPU Tweak II" which also monitors the temperature (guessing all other OC-programs does this as well) and will be OC:ing and monitoring temperatures with that and benchmarking with 3DMark (Firestrike 1.1) and the built-in Shadows of Mordor benchmark on Ultra. Wish me luck I'll post my before and after results here as well as buying you some beers in a few days mate --- Edit: Tried Nvidia Inspector instead and I am now on my way I'm at +100 / +200 / +0 (Core/Memory/Voltage) and 3DMark runs fine. Temps are max 72 C after running the benchmark. Any idea on how to go above the +135 for Core using "Performance Level [3] - (P0)" which I'm guessing the one I should use? Also when I reboot does Nvidia Inspector resets itself to default clocks and I'll need to create a shortcut with the OC settings and apply them each time I reboot? Which increments (i.e. 25 on core, 50 on memory) are you guys using to up your speeds? Which increments should I then try to raise the voltage with if I experience artifacts? Haha sorry for the many questions, I tried donating to you @Klem but when I log in to PayPal I only get the starting page, if you would PM me your details for PayPal I'll happily send some your way.
  6. You made it for my GPU? Wow, thanks! Sorry for the beginner questions but: Is it just to follow the flashing instructions that are in the "ReadMe" for the "NVFLASH_TOOLKIT_x64_PM_v1" to flash it (as well as using that utility)? Also which program should I use to alter the core / memory? I've seen "Asus GPU Tweak" and "MSI Afterburner" and wondering if there is a prefered program to use? Which program do you guys use to monitor GPU temps? I was thinking about using "Hardware Monitor". Eh, haha when do I know that I need to raise the voltage on the card? The final question would be how you consider your OC:s stable, do you simply run "3DMark" and consider a run without BSOD / artifacts to be a stable OC? Sorry for the questions but I just want to make sure I don't miss anything, all OC have risk involved but I just want to draw on the knowledge here to get the best possible start. Oh @Klem if you have some sort of donation site I will happily buy you a few beers / whatever if you provide it after I've tested this. Thanks again
  7. Hi! I sent you a PM with a vbios dump for my GTX970M in my Asus ROG G752VT-T7013T (w. G-Sync) and will happily donate if you could consider to make a unlocked vbios for this one
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