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  1. so turns out a did have to flash the vBIOS down to .017 laptop wouldnt have it otherwise
  2. alright cheers man sounds pretty promising will let you guys know how it goes
  3. noooname

    nVidia in GX60

    yeah im swapping the card into a GT780 as i feel the processors bottlenecking most of the games and thought the 570m would be a better match for the CPU
  4. alright cheers ill try without flashing the vBIOS first and if it doesnt work ill know what to do
  5. so are you saying i will need to downgrade the vBIOS as well as setting the the legacy rom for the pci express settings
  6. noooname

    nVidia in GX60

    Hi There waswondering if it would be possible to put a GTX 570m inside a GX60 if i managed to unlock the bios and allow legacy support as ive read that the GX60 doesnt support nVidia cards. any help will be greatly appreciated
  7. Thankyou very much you'v managed to calm all of my worrys about changing the card over, cheers
  8. Hey there guys dont know if im posting in the wrong forum or not allowed to post about selling things here but im not actually doing it so i think i should be alright. Im wondering if there are any specific marketplaces which where laptop components such as the GPU or the shell of a laptop can be sold, all i can think of is ebay and i dont think it really reaches the people who want or need it. thanks for any advice
  9. hi there was ust wondering if this unlocked BIOS for the GT780 allows options for GPU legacy support, this is so i can install a 7970m any help will be greatly appreciated thanks
  10. hey so im new to overclocking with vBIOS do you thnk it would be better to just tay with a program on the desktop or flash the vBIOS's
  11. Hi there guys just got a MSI GT780DXR and was looking into modding it and found this lovely little website havent really done any modding on laptop so excited to get started so if anyones got any tips and tricks shoot them this way
  12. so i've got an old 7970m from a gx60 so it has a msi vBIOS version 015.024 on it im wondering if i will need to downgrade to the Dell vBIOS version 015.017 for the GPU to function correctly? Second question is that ive read i need to enable legacy support in the BIOS with an unlocked BIOS version, will this still need to be done even though the 7970m has an MSI vBIOS? any help is greatly appreciated, thankyou
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