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  1. Thanks ratinox! I went into msconfig and unchecked the box. I never thought that would be the problem, thanks to you and mw86 for your help!
  2. World Finals were amazing, Taipei Assassins came outta nowhere to beat out the expected tournament winner and the best team in Korea (everyone knows Koreans are amazing at Esports). Riot is really setting the bar for Esports, one million dollars is more than what many professional sports players are given for major tournaments. Maybe we'll see alot more interest in Esports after this. Btw, I've heard that Riot is working with TV broadcasters to actually move LoL away from online streams and onto TV o.O anyone know anything about this?
  3. Recently, I've experienced a lot of game and program crashes while using my M14x R1. Just opening a couple of chrome windows would max out the CPU (according to resource monitor). According to Intel Extreme Tuning Utility, only Core 1 is active. All 3 others cores (I have a Core i7 @ 2.00 GHz) are shown to have a core temperature of 100 degrees Celsius. Other programs including CPU-Z and CoreTemp also suggest that only one core is being used. This is true whether I've run processor intensive programs for several hours or just recently turned on my laptop. It's been giving me headaches trying to figure this out, does anybody know what might be causing the problem? Any feedback would be appreciated!!
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    I've always preferred Logitech mice. For gaming, I'm using a Logitech G700 right now The design is really ergonomic for larger hands. I'm not a huge macro guy but there are 7 macro buttons that can be assigned. The three profiles make it easy to switch between gaming mode and work mode with the different macros associated with each.
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