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  1. Is there any other solution or a newer adapter that supports newer GENs and laptops but with the ability to change the output easily? like that cable solution but without any problems? I would like to buy something that serves a wide range of laptops and PCs. Something like PE4C V3.0 performance and PE4C V2.1 usability. Something that brings the good of both versions. I hope in the future for an overall all-in-one solution. Like an eGPU station/adapter that can output to EC, mPCIe, TB by just changing the cable or switching to a different port without any problems and also offers maximum bandwidth for any port used.
  2. Amazon Hardware Swap - Reddit Build A PC Sales - Reddit
  3. Ah. I thought there was a drawback for this one in connectivity or something. But never figured what it was. Thanks a lot. This makes sense.
  4. I was looking at the products over at BPlus and HWtools main websites and was wondering "Why would a company make so many ends for the same adapter?!" For example if you want to order a PE4C v3.0 adapter, you MUST choose one end to it, mPCIe or ExpressCard or PCI-E . You CAN'T have an all in one version. This way you - as the customer - end with a product that only works with a specific type of ports. And they - as the selling company - have to lose more on making different types of ends for adapters. So, I made some research and found this amazing product Link HERE . Which basically serves as an adapter from ExpressCards ports to mPCIe or to the normal PCI-E port. Now you can get a mPCIe eGPU adaptor that can be connected to your mPCIe through ExpressCard slots Without removing you WLAN. Maybe you are using you EC slot, maybe you don't want to get an adaptor that only works with an EC slot. Whatever your reason is, I found this to be the solution. And now you can use the same eGPU adapter for different laptops (one with EC, and one with mPCIe/PCI-E) I'm sure there are more adapters that can have all the possible combinations of ports, but this one is just the start, I haven't searched for more yet. I'm sure there is a cheaper one, or someone who can make a cheap one of the same type. HWTools should consider doing this. Just wanted to share what I've found. Edit: Maybe title needs to change to mPCIe/PCI-E to ExpressCard adaptor? :/ I don't know. But you get it my friends.
  5. My old message. EDIT: Did my research, googled for services and compared components. Learned a lot. Found the answers to my questions Yes, increasing ram increases performance. Yes, mPCIe is better if I can handle the WLAN removal and do the setup steps correctly, because both adapters use the same bandwidth. HP CPU is better than Toshiba in this case, so it will serve better for an eGPU build. Thank you.
  6. Thanks Tech Inferno Fan I will work on the override and allocate the eGPU into 36-bit space thanks to your guide. I will then post my results on the DIY eGPU experiences thread. Thank you so much for helping me and everyone.
  7. Hello Brothers! Newbie here, so forgive my lack of knowledge. I have an HP 2760P Elitebook and I will post all that I can about it's specs. DxDiag CPU-Z (Not important) but I guess this may or may not have extra processor info Intel link Btw, my DxDiag says "4 CPU", and CPU-Z says "2 cores". Isn't 4 CPU means 4 core? (again, I'm newbie, bear with me). My ExpressCard Slot is a 34 one and it is one of these 4: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 Don't know which one exactly but my question is: I saw and heard people say that Expresscards has 2.5 GB/s speed at max. Mine is showing 5 GB/s max speed (why is that). If this is possible then I will get a good 5 GB out of my GPU. The GPU that I will use is still on delivery. But It's a powerful one and this is it: MSI R9 390 Gaming 8GB I will use an external PSU for sure. And I think I will use THIS adapter? Any advice for me? Any better Adapter? Any better adapter that will serve my card good and use most of this GPU power? Anything I forgot? Oh and if you tell me to go desktop, I would if I could. Long story short, I'm displaced and really far away from home. Laptop is my option for now. Thank you very much for reading and for helping. =D (This is a repost of my Reddit post Here)
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