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  1. Btw. I know its not your case, but previous generation SSDs were doin the same problems. In my scenario OCZ Vertex 3 was used and it was giving me a lot of BSODs and system startup freezes as well. There might be a slight chance that you have something wrong with the Firmware etc. Try to look after a newer one from the Kingston support pages.
  2. I had the same problem on our server ( I know, its not a lappy) and the problem was in the connector itself. Like GTMoraes says, those connector are really far from perfect and the pins get screwed pretty easily. Try to clean both parts - SSD and the connector in MB and you miht be ok. Also try to grab an USB to SATA cable/caddy and test it if it works or not without any probs ( use some SMART tool to verify SSD condition)
  3. Razer mamba on 1800 dpi is the best option for me.
  4. Hello there, to be honest I have regged mostly because of this file, otherwise am just a regular watcher. Am I the only one who is not able to download this BIOS? As well as am unable to download it from DELL site? I have read that newer BIOS might fix my SSD Vertex 3 not running in SATAIII mode on my M17xR3. Thanks for reply EDIT - Nevermind my issue, next time Ill read the PM from admins first.
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