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  1. Hello Guys, I want to ask abut that deal, so U buyed and replaced that 120hz screen? Anyone have replaced 60hz screen to 120hz in 370em with succes?
  2. KCI123


    Im using AOC 24 (AOC g2460Pg) and for gaming is one of the best 24 with gsync monitors on the market, and great price
  3. G1 gaming is one of the best factory OC card and still U can get +x00Mhz more on cpu and mem
  4. From far what Ive see and played its true, is most tactical game, its like what U do first and start planing form the begining it will depends how U end the round win or lost, and ofcours is great to play with some mates who will comunicate eachothers
  5. G502 is awesome model, I think one of the best for that price
  6. KCI123

    24" vs 27"

    Yes If U can buy 24" with G-sync (and now they arent so expensive) it will be win over any 27" without it
  7. Guys, can someone confirm that moded vbios for 880m work without problems and is safe to flash?
  8. Thanks for the p157sm-a bios Prema, works like a charm and no problem with installation, I're the Man!
  9. Hi Guys, Im Ksi, from Poland, IT specialist, OC, Clevo and gaming fan. Im a long member of nbr forum but just start my adventure here! PEACE!
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