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  1. Any feedback about Svl7's vBIOS? For me: MSI 770m - 'OC edition' - rev02.zip didn't change anything...
  2. Our AC isn't cause here :/ I bought a dell 240W AC and soldered cables but it didn't change a thing
  3. If one of your friends has another laptop with 3rd gen of i7 (clevo/aw/msi doesn't matter) you can use it to put 770M inside and flash clevo/msi vBIOS on it. Don't know if it will work but worth to try before buying new one. Try with clevo 770M before you buy 670M it's a huge difference between them when it comes to performance.
  4. Ok. When you will get new CPU post here if it does the job
  5. @bondjame12 Are you using Win 7? I flashed this unlocked bios from xonar but wasn't able to run Win 8 (while starting got BSOD). So I installed Win 7 but there was no difference for me = throttling, maybe even bigger...
  6. @bondjame12 My CPU is i7 2670QM. Don't know if this could be a cause... What's the most funny? Playing Tomb Raider 2013 the card has no FPS drops at all with ultra settings EDIT: What is your: mobo BIOS / drivers?
  7. Hi everyone, I wrote about my issue with my GT780DX and CLEVO GTX 770M inside here: http://forum.techinferno.com/msi/4192-ms-16f2-w-gtx770m-need-vbios-please-help-6.html#post78162 Which one of you got the same laptop and/or same issue like me? Could someone tell me what to do about it? It has to be something about power/power limit I guess...
  8. Hello everyone, I've bought a Clovo GTX770M and laptop boots up fine. I have to install laptopvideo2go moded drivers (331.40) to let card works normaly but in games I had FPS drops from time to time. Once I had dell GTX 580M and flashed MSI BIOS on it and it worked - could even install normal nVIDIA drivers on it so i thought that I could install dell BIOS and if it doesn't work I will return to clevo one. But no go. It freeze on bootscreen like in case of Bugii and I don't realy know what I should do now... Should I take this card to someone with 3-rd gen processor and try to install clevo BIOS? Does someone have original MSI 770M vBIOS? Thanks in advance for your help EDIT: My laptop is GT780DX EDIT2: Went to my friend who has got 3-rd gen i7 inserted my GTX 770M with dell vBIOS. Everything started normaly and it let me to flash GTX 770M MSI vBIOS. It's even better because it works in my laptop and his and there is no need to instsall modified drivers = have installed original nVIDIA 331.82 drivers with no issue (if someone want to try it just do it on your own risk - works for me like a charm ) But there is a strange issue: - when card was in his laptop it works properly. Battlefield 4 goes smooth like hell - then I put card in my laptop and it was working in the same way as before CLEVO was. It's very strange for me. What can I do now? Anybody? EDIT3: Forget to mention that in his laptop afterburner showed ~80°C (GPU usage was fine) and in mine machine it can't raise over 60°C (GPU usage goes up and down 95 - 50 %) EDIT4: It starts throttling at 55°C :/ It hits 55°C fan starts to boost up and it goes down in a second for a few seconds and then it starts over again. Any help???
  9. I'm currently using GIGABYTE M8000X and must say that it's great for me;) Playing FPS like a charm:) But my next mice will be Roccat Kone [+] 6000DPi because it fits a way better in my hand
  10. Oh, that's right, don't even know date of its premier, but rumour said that it'll have the same architecture like 7970M...
  11. ligrew

    MSI GT780DX vbios

    I updated my GTX 570M 1.5GB vBIOS to one from GTX 670M 1.5GB but situation doesn't change much and I was facing problem with changing up and down fps. So I got back to my GTX 570M vBIOS and OCed it a little with SVET's Tuner and than OCed it to max with Afterburner
  12. If 7970 than lower like 7950 will works as well, right?
  13. ligrew

    MSI GT780DX vbios

    I'm currently using vBIOS which I changed with SVET's VBIOS Tuner - with new nvidia drivers there is a possibility to play on battery with changed clocks. I could change some clocks for U if U send me your BIOS and tell me how high clocks you want;)
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