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  1. has anyone tried installing the script nvidea driver on the new MacOS Sierra 10.12 Dev Preview?
  2. I'm using the Dell DA-2 220W. It works perfectly. Only powered through the barrel plug since my GPU doesn't have any power input needed. I think I OC-ed my GPU before but only using the official software from ZOTAC website. I used the firestorm software and quick boost until 3D+, that's all. But recently I just reset to default setting so I am not so sure whether my current settings is the normal stable one. Can you check for me? Kinda new in GPU OC, but not going to need it later. Thanks!
  3. Hello, Currently I am using Windows 10 with Akitio + GTX 750 Ti on my MBP Late 2011. Sometimes when I play games on windows for around 1 hour+, the fps suddenly dropped down till 10-20fps. And then after a few minutes my windows hang and I have to force shut down. May I know what's the problem? Am I pushing my GPU too long or something? Thanks in advance! Edit: is it normal to have 3 screens shown on my display properties? 1 : my internal screen 2 : ext monitor connected to eGPU 3 : I think my internal with eGPU, not so sure? Should I disconnect the internals 1st and 3rd and just left only my external monitor open? Thanks in again!
  4. @Dschijn Will install Windows by this week or next week and update you! Just read the post regarding the Optimus by @Evo* which only works with Windows 8.1 aha. Thanks alot! I'll post my experience soon I managed to install Windows along with benchmark! p.s. : It gave me chills when the first time I plugged the barrel mod connected from USED DA-2 220W, triple-checked making sure the output is around 12V!! Luckily it didn't blow up my thunder2 hahaa. But yes I managed to make the barrel mod ONLY from DA-2 without soldering! List of items used:-
  5. @Dschijn Managed to run my Thunder2 with Zotac 750 TI 2GB with fully closed case thanks to you!! Will continue to bootcamp windows 10 and try it with eGPU since game performance on Mac OS is not that good. Since I am able to fully closed the case with Zotac 750 Ti, will it harm my GPU due to lack of ventilation on the casing itself? I kept the front stock fan running, is it enough to keep the hot air our of the thunder2? My room temperature usually around 23-26 Celcius. Also I am no able to see the performance of my GPU on iStat Menus (Mac OS), it doesn't show the temperature/performance of my GPU, nothing about GPU. Why is that? Thanks in advance!
  6. Hello everyone, All the parts already arrived. Proceeding with plugging in the Dell DA-2 (INPUT: AC100-240V OUTPUT: DC12V-18A) to the Akitio Thunder2 via Barrel. Zotac 750 Ti 2GB requirements:- Recommended Power Supply 400W Power Consumption 60W Before proceeding, I want to double check my diagram below, I'll also purchase a multimeter and check the output on the plug making sure not exceeding 12V. Just want to make sure the setup is okay, please advice. Thank you very much, much appreciated! Will upload the setup once I managed to run it on my macbook pro Late 2011
  7. Saw someone sell DA-2 220W Power Supply with 5.5 * 2.5 mm connector at the end. Link : http://item.rakuten.co.jp/is-design/220w/ (Note the page is in Japanese, use Google Translate) The output is 12V 18A, is it going to work for those who is thinking of buying GPU's that only need the barrel power supply on the akitio to power on? (Exp: Galax GEFORCE GTX 750 OC SLIM 2GB) Edit: Will it overpowered the GPU or Akitio Thunder2 since the power supply provides 220W, was thinking of getting this since I'm getting the Galax GTX750 (Even though it's not a good pick for those who want to upgrade their GPU that has 6pin/8pin power input later on, I think?) Power Specs for Galax 750 OC Slim: Maximum Graphics Card Power (W) 55W Minimum System Power Requirement (W) 300W Supplementary Power Connectors N/A The size of this GPU able you to close the Akitio Thunder2 outer cover with no problem!!! Also less wiring needed since it only needs PSU (2 molex > barrel mod) or Dell DA-2 220W to power this thing. Idea to make the most portable eGPU with less technical works. Thanks!
  8. I connect the 6-Pin to 3x12V and 3xGround As for the Sense i left it out unused, and for the Remote, I connect with the switch and the other end connect it to the unused Ground on the molex(2) ,(Unused ground connector on molex(2) just like in the image below) So there will be also 12V connector i left out unused on the other molex(1). Thanks! Edit : Will it cause any damage of excessive power to the GPU since I only use the 220W only for the barrel 12V? Most of the post I read use the 220W Dell on GTX970 which has 2x 6pin etc. Sorry, not really good in electronic stuff aha
  9. Yep I understand everything from this picture: So I guess I'll just proceed with the 6-pin - 2 molex setup. But as what you said about "You might only be able to get 2 wires into the screw terminal, 3 might get tricky." so I guess I'll connect the end of the switch to the extra GND cable from the molex. Updated figure : The reason I want to proceed with 6 pin > 2 molex because I already ordered the items from ebay lol. So yeah aha. So there will be one extra unused 12V on the other molex connector. This setup able me to connect those cables without having to cut or solder. I just need a screwdriver to tighten the existing wires and disconnect the wires from molex by using the following method : Please correct me if my procedures are wrong. Thanks a lot for your help and respond!
  10. Oh cool! Great university!! One last thing, just in case I changed my mind to buy the Galax GEFORCE GTX 750 TI OC SLIM 2GB, product requirement: 1、PCI Express-compliant motherboard with one dual-width x 16 graphics slot 3、Minimum 400W or greater system power supply (with a minimum 12V current rating of 42A) So I guess I just need to make a barrel mod. About barrel mod, I was thinking of getting the Dell 220W DA-2 [Since it is small/portable and works anywhere around the world (100V - 240V input)]. Please check the setup barrel mod below (Untitled.png). Is it possible the setup? Without having to solder anything? (Considering the switch is soldered and also for the yellow and black wires I'll just disconnect it from the molex connector and connect it direct to the barrel) Thanks a lot!
  11. Are you able to slide the outer cover and close completely or you are not able to close like in the post below :- Since it has been highlighted in the post that the height of the GPU must be below 111.15mm to fit in completely inside the akitio including sliding over the outer cover. Standard Graphics Card Dimensions for KFA2 GTX 960 OC Length 193 mm Height 124.3 mm Width 41.5 mm Standard Graphics Card Dimensions for KFA2 GTX 970 OC Length 79 mm1 Height 111.2 mm Width 38.6 mm I am sure that both GPU will fit inside the Akitio Thunder2 without removing the front Akitio fan. But my concern is does the KFA2 GTX 960 OC fit inside the akitio with outer cover slide over the akitio? Thanks in advance and sorry TO for off-topic replies!
  12. Haha khabar baik. You've been to Malaysia before is it? Alright got it. Will let you know once all the parts arrived! Thanks a lot!
  13. Sorry this will is kinda off topic. Would like to know whether does the KFA2 GTX 960 OC able ur akitio thunder2 to close it enclosure fully? Thanks!
  14. Thanks a lot for your reply! After days of reading, finally understand aha. I already ordered the following items:- 1) 5.5X2.5mm DC Power Plug (For 2x Molex > Barrel mod) 2) 24 Pin ATX Jump Start Power Supply (Jump start the PSU) 3) 2x 4 Pin Molex to 6 Pin PCI-E Power Supply Cable Adapter (For 2x Molex > Barrel mod) 4) 6-pin – 6-pin PCIe Male to Female Extension Cable 20cm (Thinking of following the custom 90 degree low profile 6-pin extension guide posted by german website (I think?) to make my own 90 degree connector) 5) Akitio Thunder2 Now left with PSU and GPU. PSU I'll buy the Cooler Master G500 since that's the cheapest in my country and provide both 2x 6+2-pin PCIe along with 500W. My choice is between Galax GTX 960 OC and GTX 970 OC As for the GPU, I want to confirm about the length. Since you're currently using the Galax GTX 970 OC which fits in perfectly, I was wondering will the GTX 960 OC fits inside the Thunder2 like 970 does. Standard Graphics Card Dimensions for Galax GTX 970 OC Length 179 mm Height 111.2 mm Width 38.6 mm Standard Graphics Card Dimensions for Galax GTX 960 OC: Length 193 mm (or 187mm from japanese website) Height 124.3 mm Width 41.5 mm (1) Will the GTX 960 OC fits inside the Thunder2 like 970 OC does? Since my macbook is kinda old model : MacBook Pro "Core i7" 2.8 13-Inch (Late 2011) features a 32 nm "Sandy Bridge" 2.8 GHz Intel "Core i7" processor (2640M) with 16GB RAM and 250GB Samsung SSD I am worried about the driver installation later on. I have an external monitor (1080p) so most of the time I will basically use the eGPU on my external monitor. (2) Will @goalque 's script work on my old macbook pro model running Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11.3? (Edit: will it also work on my macbook internal monitor?) (3) Lastly, how do I run the eGPU on my Bootcamp Windows 8 macbook? Thank you very much and looking forward for your reply sir
  15. Thank you for your reply! Do you mean this Evga GPU? : https://www.evga.com/Products/Product.aspx?pn=02G-P4-3751-KR So you're saying that I only need to use Corsair CX430M or CS450M PSU Molex connector, modified it into barrel mod, plug the barrel into the Akitio? That's all? I got pretty mixed up with the 6pin/8pin powered GPU. Why we did not use the power barrel adapter supplied by the Akitio Thunder2 itself? Thanks a lot! Really appreciate it edit : Found ur post on reddit, should I just follow this? https://www.reddit.com/r/apple/comments/38tfg1/egpu_macbook_pro_nvidia_650m_gtx_750_ti/ Thanks!!!!
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