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  1. Here I was thinking I had somehow corrupted the image before flashing... this happened to me too but I did change my boot order before hand... although it looked like a semi-bad flash (lol, but as you stated, it wouldn't show sh*t), because as stated before by other users, I also got my boot up screen, several beeps and an underscore on top left corner... It eventually booted into my USB and flashed back to my previous (915MHz core/2250 Mem. @ 1025 mV, settling at 1000mV). All is good as of now, but I'd like to try that BIOS! btw, thanks for your answers about the throttling and the mem clocks.
  2. OMFGGGGGGGGGG.........!!!!!!!!!! Trying the NEW CLEVO SOON!!! U THE MAN!!! :D I'll post back anything I find man!!!! PROPS! - - - Updated - - - About this version, have you encountered any throttling? (I'm interested in your experience, I'll share mine later on tonight.) I understood from some of your posts a while ago that you were trying to disable throttling completely; how'd that go!? Also, whats the memory clock at with this VBIOS? (I can't test it right away and I'm curious!)
  3. Yay, that's awesome @svl7!!! I check the thread everyday looking for a Clevo_OCNew+OV @1V! I've found the voltages you set in @widezu69 's custom VBIOS of 1025mV/settling at 1000mV is the sweeeeeet spot. I really don't want to be a begger and I'll be satisfied with whatever you release, but I suggest a 1037mV "extreme" OC/OV version and a 1000mV "regular" OC/OV version! Altough, @Tonrac it's weird you get stuttering past 854MHz, how far are you pushing your memory? You might be clocking your memory too high and your GPU is doing memory error correction.
  4. @volkov956, As @Brian mentioned in post #2: Dell cards have had a history of not working in Clevo platforms, yet Clevo cards do work on Dell platforms. Sell that Dell 680M 2GB and get a Clevo one, it's your best bet to get it working on your ol' D900F!!!
  5. I don't have that installed, but thanks a lot for the heads up! I'll spread the word if I come across someone with this problem too! Hybrid sleep didn't seem to have any effect whatsoever. Computer sleeps fine and when it wakes, screen never comes on and the system auto-shuts off after 5-8 secs and reboots. I think it'll never be fixed. This happens because of some hardware incompatibility with the 680M in my P150HM, as it doesn't officially support it (no more BIOS updates since Nov. '11; ridiculous I KNOW). Clevo HM Series users need to install the drivers for the card with a modded INF and all. My best guess is a lingering Optimus problem, maybe svl7 might find a fix to disable it entirely! Fingers crossed anyway... - - - Updated - - - That's true lol... the P150EM doesn't have such problems! Happy gaming!
  6. Hey there buddy, I have a Clevo 680M in my P150HM. Currently I've tried these VBIOS's from this thread: 680m_Clevo_OCeditionNew.zip -------------------- Unlocked software overclocking (You can overclock beyond +135MHz), and acoording to svl7, he tweaked it to remove throttling completely. So what you get is just an unlocked card, at stock clocks and voltages, and no throttling (theoretically; although I believe some Alienware users are still dealing with this problem regardless) MSI_GTX680m4gb_'OCedition'_VBIOS.zip ---------- Unlocked software overclocking. What you get here is an unlocked card, at stock clocks and voltages. I can confirm it can be flashed to a Clevo card without issues, but it does throttle. (on a P150HM, other systems may vary) MSI_GTX680m4gb_+_200MHz_OV_ver2.zip -------- Unlocked software overclocking. What you get here is an unlocked card, at 915MHz core/1800 memory, 3D-state voltage at 1037mV. A little bit high for me, it concerns me. On a side note: this enables the most extreme overclocking, but use with caution. They all work as advertised on the first and second post of this thread. For daily use, I dug around and found @widezu69's thread and loved it: http://forum.techinferno.com/general-notebook-discussions/2062-using-your-4gb-gtx-680m-its-safest-full-potential.html#post26060 I use the VBIOS he shares in his OP, it is an MSI VBIOS modded by slv7 running core at 915/2250 memory, 3D-state voltage sits at 1000mV. This VBIOS has given me great stability and performance and I'm not too concerned about temperature or pushing my card. I leave it as it is with that rom. Try it out, you might just love it. Cheers - - - Updated - - - OMGGG!!! TY! I'll try this later tonight!!!!!!!! @mw86 Thank you so much!
  7. I believe the throttling issue is exclusive to Alienwares. In my experience, neither the Clevo OC New or either of the MSI VBIOS's are showing any throttling, I deliberately looked for clock dips on NVIDIA Inspector and clocks stay solid. My rig is a Clevo P150HM (Sager NP8150). Only issue I show is not waking properly from sleep. My computer will shutdown when I try to wake it. Anyone know a fix? (again)
  8. A Clevo 680M is now $655 from Mythlogic. Got mine from them...
  9. Ah, I forgot to mention I have a P150HM as well... I've dug around in tons of forums and no one seems to acknowledge and give an explanation to this issue (some people barely mention it saying "oh it has the sleeping issue" and move on to another topic -.- ) Anyone know a fix?! I use sleep a lot whenever I get up to get a drink or something for 5 mins when on battery... and given the HM's get around 2~ hours of battery lol, I try to save as much as I can... It's really frustrating, @svl7 what's your take? I think it might be an Optimus incompatibility problem (HM series doesn't support Optimus). Is a VBIOS fix a possibility, maybe disabling Optimus entirely?
  10. Bump! Got a P150HM and have been looking for something like this since I got it back in March '11. Fingers crossed for an easier option.
  11. Although you quoted yourself, clearly stating you used the OP's VBIOS and your results after using 306.23 WHQL, I still want to ask you; was your only change the drivers? Which VBIOS is that? (Please provide the filename to be specific = easier to get on the same page.) Is this also one of the MSI 680M VBIOS's but with the OV? I have a Clevo 680M and understood from svl7's posts in the Kepler VBIOS Mod thread that using MSI VBIOS's might cause weird behavior, have any of you had any problems? Also, my computer refuses to wake up properly from sleep with stock VBIOS, (it wakes, but the screen doesn't come on and times out after ~5 secs or so and reboots) I haven't tried any modded ones. Anyone know a solution? Maybe one of the modded VBIOS's is my savior?
  12. Are you planning on creating a "new OC+OV" version of the Clevo VBIOS in the future? (lol, i want moar and haven't even tried the regular "new OC" version ... ). This is still just a "just wondering" question, I am very grateful for your work and what you've given the community. Following rafix73's steps, I feel inclined to pitch into this thread and will be the "P150HM+Clevo 680M" lab rat from now on. I'll flash the 680m_Clevo_OCeditionNew.zip VBIOS this afternoon and report my findings compared against the stock VBIOS and any concerns/issues/bugs I come across, and I'll flash all subsequent VBIOS's after that... It only seems fair to give something back to svl7!
  13. bump!, my solution exactly down to the drying it off with the cloth from my tv!!!
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