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  1. I'm may have just screwed up big time... I've been using my e6440 with eGPU for over 6 months now and I love it. Recently, I was cleaning my desk and swapping monitors when a small piece of debris must have fallen into my E-Port Plus dock for my laptop and I didn't noticed it when I re-docked my laptop. I don't recall having to use additional force when I docked, but I seem to have crushed the debris between the pins for the dock and the port on the laptop, while dislocating/breaking 3 pins on the dock and 1 pin on the laptop port... I didn't notice the damage on the laptop as it's very, very small, so this evening I brought home a replacement dock from work (Perk of senior position in IT) and that's when I noticed the damaged pin on my laptop. I have my laptop VERY carefully docked right now just to see how much the one pin messed up and nothing seems to be broken... My laptop is charging and all my USB devices seem fine... Does anyone know the pinout for the docking port on this thing? Are certain ports mapped to certain pins? I'm trying to assess the damage I've done, but I haven't been able to find much yet and I'd really like to avoid replacing the board as this time (Just bought new monitors and mount...) TL;DR: Broke my docking port, looking for pinout/help; Thanks!
  2. Does anyone have a specific nvidia driver version that they would recommend? I have recently been having issues with "Nvidia drivers have stopped responding" and it seems to be a driver issue. I've tried multiple versions with varying levels of success. Right now, I have the latest 368.22 and it has not been going well. I was using 358.50 for several weeks and I have only been crashing 1-2 times per week. It seems the newer versions I try, the worse it gets. Anyone have a suggestion for this? Windows 10 Pro x64 GTX 960 BPlus PE4C V3.0 Currently running with dGPU disabled
  3. Does this one have the dGPU? If so, you should disable it before booting with eGPU.
  4. CrzyGK

    eGPU experiences [version 2.0]

    I actually resolved this issue with a new eGPU. The GTX 570 I was using was nothing but trouble, so I picked up a GTX 960 and I have yet to have an issue.
  5. I figured this one out. Turns out my GTX 570 was the problem the whole time. I upgraded to a GTX960 and I've yet to see any issues running at Gen 2 speeds.
  6. Has anyone had issues using a PE4C at Gen 2 with their 6440 (BIOS is A02). I have an issue where if I set my eGPU to Gen 2, it will only work about once every 12+ reboots (But when it works, it works great). If I set it to Gen 1, it works all day, every day with everything I throw at it. I was thinking it might not actually be running at Gen 2 when I thought it was, but there is a noticeable and reproducible difference in benchmark scores. Has anyone had a similar experience? (Also running latest nvidia drivers and I have tried multiple versions) (Running with a GTX 570, but this is reproducible with multiple cards) Thanks!
  7. Alright, it seems like I have mostly figured this one out. It seems that some part of my setup does not like operating at Gen 2 speeds. I don't know which part or why, but when I had it set to Gen 2, it would work 1 out of 12+ times. I haven't come across someone mentioning this when I found other posts about this issue and initially ruled it out because it would work as Gen 2 sometimes, and from what I've found that tends to be an all-or-nothing type of situation.
  8. Hello, I've posted about this a few times, but still no solution. I have a GTX 570(Have also tried a GTX 560ti) connected to a Dell 6440 dGPU version (Yes, I've already made posts in the Dell 6440 thread by Nando regarding this) using a Bplus PE4C V3.0 (Have also tried with a GDC Beast V8). My problem is that my eGPU shows up in device manger with no errors. Multiple versions of nvidia drivers detect it and install successfully. Everything looks like it should be working. What is happening, is that GPU-Z, dxdiag, nor any benchmarking software will detect it and Windows 10 (Have tried fresh installs of both 10 and Windows 7 Pro) does not detect any external monitors I attach to it. I have tried disabling my dGPU in DIY 1.30 and set it to initialize my eGPU. The best part about this is that it works sometimes! About once every 12 reboots or so, I can uninstall and reinstall my nvidia drivers and the first time my monitors flicker/flash during the install, it works. It will be detected everywhere and it runs absolutely amazing until the next reboot, then I have to mess around the drivers for an hour and it will seemingly magically start working again. I have wrote down every little thing I do to log my actions each time and there is seriously no pattern. I can do the exact same thing (reboot, uninstall drivers, reinstall drivers, reboot, repeat) for an hour and it will work eventually. Possibly Relevant Info: Dell 6440 w/ dGPU option i7 4600MQ 8GB RAM mSata 250GB Samsung Evo Windows 10 Pro (Have tried 7 Pro) x64 GTX 570 (Tried GTX 560ti) Bplus PE4C V3.0 Dock (Have tried GDC Beast V8) Dell DA-2 220W PSU (Have tried 2 other ATX PSU's) I have only found a small handful of people who have posted about this issue, but not resolutions. If anyone could help I would be super grateful. Edit: Also, sleep/resume breaks this when it does work. (I get a Blue Screen) Edit: I'm so invested in this setup right now (Few Hundred Bucks and a couple months of on-off trying to get this reliably working), I'll seriously PayPal $20 to the first person who can help me.
  9. So, now I have the same setup and it works sometimes. I have Setup 1.30 configured to disable dGPU and initialize the eGPU. About once every 12 reboots or so, it works fine, but most of the time it does the exact same thing, just with my dGPU not showing up in device manager. Also, occasionally if I uninstall and reinstall video drivers for the eGPU when it isn't working, it will begin working until the next reboot or sleep cycle. I can't get it to reliably do the same thing twice in a row, so this is getting rather frustrating to troubleshoot... Has anyone had similar experiences at all? I can't find any posts anywhere that sounds like the same issue. Any ideas?
  10. CrzyGK

    eGPU experiences [version 2.0]

    @aldimeola81 I've tried using Windows 10 and Windows 7 (Same issue on both). Currently using Windows 10. I have three GPU's showing up in device manger (Intel iGPU, AMD dGPU, and my eGPU). I have tried disabling the dGPU, but I'm not sure that's ever been successful, as I've always seen it appear in device manager after boot. In Setup 1.30 I have tried both the disable and demote option for the dGPU. I have tried using this with delay and without. I have seen everyone recommend this setup with no delay, so that's what I've been testing with the most.
  11. CrzyGK

    eGPU experiences [version 2.0]

    Hey guys, I've been working on getting my eGPU working for several weeks now. I have an issue where the eGPU shows up error-free in device manager, but nothing else seems to see it and external monitors don't work. I've posted about this a few times with no responses, so I'm hoping someone here might have an answer or something to point me in the right direction. I'm using: Bplus PE4C V3.0 w/ Dell D220P-01 220w PSU (I also have a EXP GDC Beast V8.0 w/ same issue and tried two different ATX PSU's) Dell Latitude e6440 w/ dGPU GTX 570 (Have also tried a GTX 560ti with the same issue) I have seen a few posts describing the same issue, but none with the same Laptop or eGPU (Or a solution). I do have Nando4's Setup 1.30, but nothing I change there seems to get me any closer to a solution. If anyone knows anything that might help me, I would be very, very grateful.
  12. I've been working on getting an egpu working with my Dell e6440 for a couple months now. My e6440 has BIOS A.02 and is running Windows 10 x64 and has the dGPU. I have tried any combination of the three cards I have (gtx 570, gtx 560ti, and R9 270) with the two docks I have (GDC Beast V8.3 and a BPlus PE4C V3.0). With the exception of the R9 270, the eGPU is detected, the drivers are installed successfully, and no errors are reported in device manager (Haven't been able to successfully boot with the R9 270, but I strongly suspect it's an issue with the card as it gives me issues in a desktop environment). Even though everything checks out when I check in Windows, I can't get anything else to see or use it. Attached monitors don't work and no benchmark or system utilities see it. I have tried booting with it attached and trying to attach it after Windows boots, and both have the same result. I hope I'm not missing something completely silly here, as I see in the large post by Nando4 regarding the e6440 says, "A NVidia or AMD card is a straight plug-n-play implementation on a E6440." I have already tried using both docks and both the gtx 570 and 560ti with a e6420 and both worked nearly effortlessly. I have also tried using a clean install of Windows on the e6440 with no effect.
  13. Hey guys. I've been trying to get a GTX 570 to work with my 6440 for a few days now. So far, the card shows up in device manager with status "device is working properly." I can't find any issues with it, though my system will not detect any external monitors attached to the card, nor do I see it showing up anywhere but device manager. If I install the latest nvidia drivers, the card displays and error 43 in device manager. This is my first attempt at such a setup, so I'm not sure if I'm missing something painfully obvious or not. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
  14. I've been trying to get my eGPU setup working for a couple of days now. So far, I have a GTX 570 attached via an exp gdc beast (expresscard version) to my Dell Latitude e6440. There are no errors reporting in device manager and it reads "This device is working properly." Despite this, I cannot seem to get my system to play nice with the card. I have the standard Windows automatically-installed drivers right now and if I install nvidia drivers for the card, the install succeeds, but device manager reports an error 43. With just the system default drivers installed, Windows will not detect any monitors attached to the GPU. I also do not see the eGPU in dxdiag, though I'm not sure if I'm suppose to, as this is my first attempt at such a setup. I am running Windows 10 Pro 64bit with latest updates. I have not found any posts similar to this issue and any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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