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  1. Ok, so I am looking to purchase an Akitio Thunder2 to use with my Macbook Pro retina 13 2015 laptop. I am hoping to get an egpu setup created to improve premiere pro render times as well as for a bit of gaming. I have been searching for the expansion boxes in the UK and have now found a supplier: http://www.span.com/product/AKiTiO-Thunderbolt-PCIe-Thunder2-PCIe-Box-T2PC-TIA-AKTU-2x-TB2-1x-PCI-Express-v2-0-x16-FHHL-x4-speed-~50137 but in their product video they specifically mention that mac users will get 'kernel errors' with Quicktime or something. I have never heard of this issue with an EGPU. Is it just them trying to stop people from using it or is it something I need to be wary of? I am technologically inclined so feel confident installing the required patches etc. to get it working out of the box. Could anyone shed some light on this from experience? Many Thanks. PS This is the video where they talk about these kernel [email protected]:50.
  2. If theres' anyone in the UK looking to sell an Akitio Thunder 2 enclosure with (or without) GPU, let me know Looking to get something setup for my Macbook pro
  3. This is the other option: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Sonnet-Echo-Express-PCI-e-to-Thunderbolt-Expansion-Chassis-/121860967832?hash=item1c5f7acd98:g:KrAAAOSwL7VWkTD~ I know I could get £50 off that. So really it's £50 for TB2...
  4. Sorry just seen it. I think I will leave it for now as I can get an Akitio Thunder2 for £200...thanks though
  5. Ah cool. Just found it on your profile but I am in UK so we'd have to take that into account...i.e. import tax etc. but I'd definitely be interested. Sorry think I found the wrong one...can you send me a link?
  6. Yeah that's fine...tinkering is no issue Are AKITIO THUNDER2's generally the cheapest thunderbolt 2 enclosure that people use for EGPU's? I was considering a thunderbolt to express card and then an express card to pcie adapter but figured for an extra £30 or something it's worth getting a full enclosure.
  7. Ok thanks for that. Is it worth Upgrading to TB2 from 1? I was planning on just getting an AKITIO Thunder2 but it will be about £50 more than the sonnet 1...which would you go for?
  8. So I have an early 2015 13 macbook pro pro with retina display and am looking to get an EGPU setup to improve gaming performance in bootcamp as well as improving render times when editing in Premiere Pro CC. I am on a tight budget and had planned to get the Akitio Thunder2 but it is quite tricky to get hold of now in the UK and I have found a used Sonnet Echo Express enclosure that I am close to buying. Does anyone know if it would work on a thunderbolt 2 machine or if that is asking for more issues? I plan to get a 950ti or something (half length) to put in the enclosure...anything to be aware of or would I follow one of the many tutorials on the forum for drivers etc? Any help is much appreciated, dwinnbrown
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