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  1. Well, use this router for a half of the year. No problems with a 2.4 Ghz band, but 5 Ghz like a girl, can stop work after making changes on 5 Ghz band settings page. From this can backup only full reset. Mostly, i believe this is some software issue. In case if not touch 5 Ghz band setting (let them be default), router works really stable and have a lot of the nice features.
  2. so, you think that 20~75 mb/s (depends on wifi interference and Access-point quality) is more slow than 15 mb/s theoretical max on N-WiFi over 5 Ghz ?
  3. just installed "7260.HMWG" and patched bios. Windows 10 pick-up new WiFi card without any word and she working from the start without any driver installation requirements
  4. Worked like a charm with one note, "fix for error104" were needed for me, everything else done without any problem. For the part of creating bootable dos usb - more simpler to use "Rufus" with included FreeDOS, rather than HP util and looking for the dos system files.
  5. this could be any miniATX like Zotac, with possibility to add any feature you want
  6. simplest thing is to use Teamcity, but this give to you only remote desktop view. To access network you need to understand how to tune DDNS (in case of dynamic ip) and vpn
  7. try to fully remove and reinstall the drivers. Possibly after remove, best thing to do is to use some "cleaner app"
  8. did you tried to switch SLI mode and use nvidia auto-tuning for the games after?
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