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  1. I'm trying this vbios for 8970m (p150em) with techpowerup gpu sofware load for vbios ? (I've never done before vbios, i don't know)
  2. my laptop p150em and I find cheap clevo 8970m. My bios Prema Mod 2 . which I need download vbios and I can't download because have'nt enough post.
  3. I find other seller 8970m or r9 m290x, I dont know with work p150em Prema mod 2, do you have any idea ?
  4. My gtx670m graphic card burned and I want to buy used graphic card.There are 2 options for my p150em, Gtx670m and Amd 7970m same price 200 $ inmy country. My power adapter 19 V - 9.47 A (180 Watt) and my Bios version Prema Mod v2.Which should I choose graphic card performance for gaming ?
  5. p150em don't opening with broken card, shutdown the computer in 1 second because broken card doing short-circuit. If I try using without broken card only 25-30 seconds standing open then shutdown . How can I remove vBIOs chip ?
  6. I have i7-3720m, gtx 670m, p150em. My cheap thermal paste made short circuit and graphics card burned. Gtx670 power chip burned and exploded . And I pulled the card computer opening but just beeps and 15 seconds then shuts down. I have some questions 1-) Is there a problem computer's motherboard and other components ? 2-) Can I open without graphics-card ? 3-) Can I try another gtx660, gtx 670m or amd 7970m ? (I found this video in youtube, same problem https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bqEM4bAT0TQ )
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