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  1. can someone answer the question? is sierra compatible with the egpu script?
  2. so is sierra compatible with egpu? I just updated my osx 10.11.6 el capitan and my nvidia driver is disabled saying no new update. It referred back to the osx nvidia driver. What shoud I do. Update to sierra and reinstall script? or what
  3. This is my setup mid 2012 mac pro running El Capitan 10.11.6 with all new updates. Everything has been working great but now a new version of OS is coming named Sierra. Do you think we are still going to be able to run our egpu setups?
  4. OK everything is back to normal. As you can see my screen shot. I want to thank you for the quick help. Here is what i need to do for future updates that people may do and if the egpu stops working. 1. make sure the script is in the desktop and run the uninstall command..{ cd ~/Desktop }..THEN.. { sudo ./automate-eGPU.sh -uninstall }..THEN restart as it tells you 2. { sudo ./automate-eGPU.sh } (eGPU plugged in and power on) 3. shutdown...power up and after the chime plug in your egpu and wait for boot up. It will boot at this time. 4. you can install disable monitor app to turn off your macbook display and run in clam shell mode if you dont need it as an extra monitor Thank you for the tips. Should I leave my SIP disabled or try to enable it again. In the past I had issues when it was enabled. My resolution was tiny everything was so slow. I'll leave it off i dont want to mess it up again.
  5. ok i just verified that my sip is disabled and it its. I will uninstall the script and try again later tonight. I will post update on the situation. Thanks so far btw.
  6. ok i will try it that way but i know i had system integrity off the entire time. I never enabled it because it gave me issues. I will try it again. Can anyone verify that they have egpu working with 10.11.4
  7. Can you please be more descriptive? So should i uninstall the nvidia drivers? then run the script? what is SIP Is anyone else running the 10.11.4 osx with egpu? 10.11.3 worked great for me. When the osx update finished it told me to update nvidia because its not supported anymore. So i did and boom no egpu anymore.
  8. So i just updated to 10.11.4 and my egpu does not work anymore. Does anyone have any suggestions or is their a new script? The mac makes you update the nvidia web driver and everything. Then once rebooted I cant get my egpu to work anymore. PLEASE HELP I dont want to return back to 10.11.3 if i dont have to.
  9. I have the cuda installed but can you explain what the other stuff is? What is it for and is it even necessary for games at least?
  10. Let me add that the diable monitor app resolved the border issue i had. I only need the app when i use egpu in clam mode. Also, when using the egpu in mac osx i cant let the mac sleep or else it would cause a crash. Any fix to this? I remember it would sleep without a crash only like 2 times. Do I need to plug in the tb cable into the slot closest to the usb or closest to the mag connector. Do i leave the "automatic gpu switching to save battery" checked on or off. Thanks
  11. I just had a huge problem updating the web drivers. After it wanted me to restart my mac os wouldnt load. Once loaded it was stuck in the tiny mode again. Like 4 K resolution on my display. After 3 hours of messing around i disabled the csrutil command again and it seemed like it started working back to normal. Is the csrutil command suppose to be enabled or should i leave it disabled. I tried to enable it and it broke the computer again. Left it at 4k resolution and it seemed like my intel cpu was not being detected. I can explain in detail what i did to fix it but it would take a while. Simple answer is to leave it disabled for me or else it wont work after the nvidia update that was just released.
  12. Sweet thanks ill give it a shot. What about the sleep? Is my egpu and mac allowed to sleep?
  13. Can someone go through the preferences on Mac specifically on what should be set? For instance i noticed that when i go into closed clam shell mode i notice that my egpu 970 is still powering my retina display even though the book is closed and its black. I see this proof by seeing the display tab showing me both displays even though i only use my external monitor. Also it seems that my mouse still is able to go into my other display because their is no border. And of course this is in clam mode with egpu running. It doesn't happen with regular external monitor with egpu off. Also after my computer returns from sleep after a few hours it seems to be frozen. It seems that it is an intermittent problem but im not fully positive. Can someone verify the settings they have in power saving tab? Unless the egpu is not allowed to sleep at all. Thanks
  14. Yes i read your steps. I will try that. I have been doing those steps exactly from the beginning. Even before i even asked here but i think i was just impatient and rebooted. I will post updates with my setup once i get it worked out. Thanks for the tips.
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