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  1. What do you mean by back lid? As in the back of the display, the bottom of the laptop, etc?
  2. OMG, thank you.... I hope you had a Merry Christmas FYI: It looks like you have it 2x on your site now.
  3. Thanks Prema, I saw that, but that does not seem to be nearly the same. They appear to be using tape/film to filter the color to another color. I'm discussing a mod that allows you to have interactive LEDs with software defined color and brightness.
  4. Thanks Prema, it is very close and will get me started until/if I ever start doing mods where the schematics will come in handy... even then, it seems fairly close. The 17" model does have some differences involving GPU and audio (sub). I appreciate the link to the site, It allowed me to look through the service manuals while I am still in Pre-Promotion status. If you or anyone gets a copy of the manual for my model, I'd appreciate a PM. I'm going to reach out to Eluktronics, who put together my base configuration for a copy.
  5. My impression was meh. It had good eye candy, but I left the movie thinking that there was really nothing to spoil.
  6. HTML

    CS vs CS GO?

    CS:S, I hate that they got rid of user-content like Sprays in CS:GO. Sure they get abused on some servers, but they add that personal touch to it also.
  7. Hey, Has anyone has tried replacing or adding addressable LEDs (WS2812B) to keyboards of the P650RE6-G or similar line of laptops? Do you think you could use the built-in connections and backlit keyboard fn key? Basically, I know some Clevo models support RGB backlit keyboards, mine only has the White LED option. I want to know if this is something people have approached already or if I'd be treading in new territory. If there are any ideas, tips/pointers you would suggest, please let me know. These LEDs are amazing to work with.
  8. Greetings, I am a new member. I recently got an Eluktronics P650RE6-G which is basically a Clevo P650RE6. I'm excited to see how far this laptop can go.
  9. Can you please post the P650RE6-G service manual? P65XRE6 would be my guess as to which it is. I'm assuming the P65x%% ones posted will be close, but since there are multiple with the same prefix, they may be different.
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