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  1. Dear Nando, I never get error 12, and I was getting pretty cool benchmark result with GTX 560, but after upgrading to GTX 750ti the 3dmark06 is getting low below 15000, I wonder if the GTX 750ti is a good card then GTX 560....Please see attached images of post #4638 when my Lenevo T420 running 8GB RAM....please suggest me if it is necessary to get setup 1.3 software to get actual performance of GTX 750 ti....
  2. Dear Nando, Today I upgraded my Lenovo T420 Ram to 16Gb. I am running on windows 8.1 3dmark06 benchmarks is 14810 And 3dmark11 is 3990only This is too frustrating for me. Is there any problem here? Please response.. thanks
  3. @Tech Inferno Fan I had a problem with my eGPU in wondows 8.1 low benchmarks... and 3D performance....
  4. very glad to know your success.. what the benchmark of you....is there any laggy response?
  5. After A long try able to run eGPU ON after fresh install Windows 8.1 pro. but 3dmark06 is not satisfactory. only >15000. which is less then GTX 560 My old card. is there problem? my setup LenovoT420 PE4L 2.1b GTX750 ASUS 350PSU
  6. As your tips, Today I install Win 8.1 pro and get result 3Dmark06 >15000, please check attachments, is it OK?
  7. considering reply for me "thanks ". I switched off dGPU. and play with my setup with GTX560. benchmark 3dmark06 16999. but with GTX 750 it awful result.. laggy..
  8. sorry for not listing ,my adapter, I am using PE4L Express card with GTX 750 ti, I was get a smooth result with GTX 560 with this setup with one and half year, I just recently upgrade graphics card and getting huge lag in both HD movie and games....it seems to me 100% CPU use, total system getting slow. please give me your helping hand edit: I was getting 16999 3dmark06 scores in GTX560 with this setup. thanks, Now only getting 10800 My setup: Lenovo T420, BIOS v 1.46 latest update. ASUS GTX750ti Thermaltek PSU 350W 8GBRAM G-SKILL PE4L-EC060A (SW1=1, SW2=2-3) 2.1b
  9. 100% cpu load on latest bios 1.46 any help??
  10. Nice to know that you are on Gtx750 ti. I am facing trouble with slow responding in game and computing.. what is your experience my system T420 i5 2520M 8GB Ram GTX 750 ti 350 W power supply
  11. Did you solve your problem. I have same. .....please tell what I do...
  12. I have using for 6-7 months continuously in gaming and 3D visualization like Lumion and Revit Architecture. It is awesome. no complain at all.
  13. Dear Nando, i have tested benchmark on 3dmark06 and got 14200 mark as default setting. The primary card is showing Intel HD3000. is it all right or i have to collect your setup 1.x ?? I can not set PhysX set to CPU in NVIDIA control panel due to not installing customized verde driver.. please suggest me. Edit: Dear Nando04 at last i achieved 16997 in 3dmark06 as we wish and as you PMed me with fresh install windows7 , i think windows 8 getting problem with verde driver so that NVS can't be disable by bios and drivers not loaded. so thanks again for your hard work and suggestion. hear is 3dmark11 benchmark
  14. Actually I have PE4L and my Bios version is 1.45 not detected eGPU. I don't know if my PE4L is 1.2 opt?? as far as i know that it is version is 2.1b. Dear Nando please check PM.
  15. Please share the experiences of PE4L on T420, I can not find any thread of my Lenovo T420
  16. Great news from you Nando, Last noob question make you pain. sorry for that. How to come i know that those Card are fermi??
  17. dear Nando... is PE4L required x1.2Opt software?? thanks.
  18. Thanks for reply Nando, So i have switch to Fermi or Kepler card for use eGPU or i have buy Virtu driver for this. can provide a compatible card list for Fermi cards. it will be very helpful to me. regards
  19. Dear all i am a noob in this forum please pardon if i ask anything wrong. i received a PE4L for my Thinkpad T420 yesterday. I success with my old Geforce9500GT but not my latest HD 7750. is that problem with GPu with Optimus?? i found AMD gpu on OS but not working both internal LCD or external. Any suggestion?? please??
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