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  1. good work! I'll focus on this continuously, waiting for your good news!
  2. No I didn't. I'm using an external screen and not using internal screen at all
  3. Sorry I'm looking in the wrong..I'm using GTX970, performance is much more than enough, you can refer to this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xdHzj8I-8FY. Yes I'm using svl7 modded BIOS
  4. Hi Karthick, I'm interested in connecting e-gpu using ultrabay port too, But I don't know where to start with. Can you please tell me what tool are you using? What steps did you do before you get that error? Thank you!! I'm using e-gpu with mini-pcie port now.
  5. Y510p owner too, and I succeed using internal screen and extern screen. Didn't do anything special, just slv7 bios mod -> disable dGPU(no need to uninstall driver) in Device Manager-> set display to UMA only in BIOS -> plug in exp-gdc and GTX970 -> install official driver and everything works well, internal screen and extern screen all good. What graphics card are you dealing with? If you are using internal screen only , you must have iGPU in your PC and use N card GT4** or higher
  6. Hi bro, I'm very interested, I want to do a e-gpu setup but I don't want my back cover open all the time. Can you upload pics? Thx
  7. WOW guys this is so amazing if we can connect e-gpu by Ultrabay! You guys are cooooool! How's it going by now?
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