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  1. Hi there, I solved my issue.. I finally got the DSDT override to work.. Was pretty straightforward. @zenek: Imho the -250mb show that there is a rather wrong space allocation for your egpu.. Do you experience a slower PC when egpu is connected in comparison to when it is not? If your laptop slows down, perform a dsdt override. That solved the issue for me. Also make sure to set PCI speed in BIOS to Gen1.
  2. Hey guys, next attempt. I got a Thinkpad T430 with an i5 3320M, 8 gigs of RAM and a 160 gigs SSD. My egpu consists of an EXP GDC, a 450 Watts PSU and a gtx670. There are two scenarios. 1) egpu plugged in prior to booting: Windows7 boots up, but everything slows down.. High DPC spikes b/c of the egpu.. What can I do? 2) egpu plugged in after booting: Windows 7 recognizes card, but unfortunatley: Code 12. I wanted to do an DSDT override, but the instructions are not clear for me. Will the purchase and use of Setup 1.30 help? I have set Expresscard speed to Gen1, Power management enabled. Your help is much appreciated. Thank you. daku
  3. Hi guys, I am facing some problems trying to get my egpu to work. This is my setup: Thinkpad T430 i5-3320m 8GB RAM 160GB SSD Win7 Prof. 64bit ASUS GTX670 mini 450W beQuiet! PSU EXP GDC Beast Thermaltake Core V1 After some fiddling around, the eGPU works, but the whole system slows down. I performed a DPC-latency-check - red area. I narrowed it down to the egpu, which means that this device is not working properly. I also tried booting Windows first, then hot-plugging the egpu - I get Error code 12. As this is a wll known issue, I wanted to perform a DSDT Override - but as I am not a techy guy, I just can't get it to work as the instructions provided just do not seem to work for me. I have read that another T430 owner performed such an override, so it should be possible. Is there someone that can help me? I spent money and time into this setup.. I would be happy to get this working by christmas.. Sorry for my english btw
  4. @nando I now put the SSD of my t500 with win7 upon it into my t430... it worked.. so the problem lies within windows 10. What issues may be there with windows10?
  5. @Tech Inferno Fan: First of all, thank you for your reply. 1) In BIOS, there are two options: PCIspeed Generation1 or Automatic. I tried both, none of them worked. 2) I do not think that I do want to rewire my PSU. Plus, this doesn't solve the issue of the PC not booting, or does it? I think the problem lies with windows 10.. as win7 works normally..
  6. Hello techinferno-team, I decided to finally register on the site and in this forums as I have read a lot about eGPU implementations and actually tried to accomplish one by my self. Those are my parts: Lenovo Thinkpad t430 with i5 3320M, 8GB DC RAM, 160GB SSD, Intel HD4000 EXP GDC BEAST, Expresscard bequiet! 450 Watt PSU Windows 10 64bit. So far, so good - but it just won't work. Everytime I boot my Laptop up with eGPU connected, it loads the Windows 10 screen with the blue logo on it. After app. 2 minutes a little circle spins around, suggesting the PC is loading the OS. I waited to hours, the screen remained the same. Then I tried booting Windows up, then instering the eGPU. That does not work either, as the card is not recognized. I tried putting laptop to sleep, plugging eGPU in, then waking it from sleep. It just turns off. I also tried powering the PSU of the eGPU on when the windows logo appears, but the card is not recognized and the fan of the GTX670 spins like crazy. First time this appeared I almost thought I bricked the card. Then I tried another thing: I used the egpu with my old Thinkpad t500 on windows 7. I plugged it in, booted up, installed drivers, done. It works. So the eGPU components should work fine., I I am absolutely at loss here. What can I do to get this thing working? I have read like every article about eGPUs on T430 and on Windows10... But it just won't work. I would very much appreciate your help in this case; furthermore I hope this is the right place to post this in. If not, I apologize - this is my first post. I am not a native speaker, so if you do not understand something in my text feel free to ask, I will do my best. Thank you so much! daku I tried every setting advised in the existing troubleshooting guides at least twice, none of them worked.
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