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  1. Well, good news I thought I'd share, in case anyone ever searches for this info... With the newest BIOS, Secureboot/UEFI *DO* work with Optimus disabled, only running on the Geforce GTX 680m. I was also a little concerned that Windows activation would be screwed up through switching from BIOS to UEFI mode, but thankfully it wasn't. It was already activated by the time I got to the desktop, and it's running on only my Geforce. (Since theoretically Windows 10 can use two GPUs at once, it would be sort of nice if you could run on the Geforce, but leave the Intel GPU active for the handful of upcoming games that might support that, and for things which can use Quicksync, but not Nvidia's equivalent...but mostly who cares, I just want the Geforce as my primary GPU!) I have NOT tried toggling that setting in Windows 10, but at least with the system already set to Geforce-only mode, it remains working just fine even in UEFU mode.
  2. I'm going to do a clean install of Windows 10 tomorrow on my M17xR4, and wanted to double check whether I can have Optimus disabled with Secureboot/UEFI now or not. When I originally set it up years ago you couldn't, so I was using BIOS mode, which works fine. My video BIOS does indeed now say that it supports UEFI, so I guess it COULD work, but whether it does work using the normal FN + F7 or whatever key combination is another story. Anyone know if SecureBoot/UEFI works with Optimus disabled now? I've got a Geforce GTX 680m, if that matters. And wow have I loved this system. Will be going in to year 4, and it's STILL fast enough for everything I do, and still runs great! One of my favorite PCs I've ever bought, and was absolutely worth the money (how often can you say that...)
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