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  1. GPU sniffer detects all cuda gpu's. In my case gt750m and gtx970(eGPU). The problem is that premiere only addresses 1 gpu during playback. So in your case it is possibly simple because there is only one gpu offering cuda - your eGPU. Here it is different. As i read somewhere premiere has to choose only one device for playback, because Adobe found it to be to difficult to sync render output of multiple devices in realtime for playback. So they decided to only go on with one device for playback. The choice in your case is clear - your eGPU. In my case there are two cuda devices - 750m and gtx970. The process how the app chooses the gpu seems to be a blackbox.
  2. Got a similar problem here. As i understand (i.e.) Premiere Pro uses all cuda resources for rendering and exporting. But in playback it only utilizes 1 gpu. In my case it uses the discrete 750m. I experience a huge performance jump in rendering in mediaencoder for example but not during playback in Premiere. So the question stays actual, how can i force Premiere pro CC 2015 to use eGPU for playback? The old trick by hacking this text file is not working because there is no text file anymore. GPU is localized by premieres gpu sniffer app automatically. SysSpecs: Macbook Pro 11,3 (late 2013) 15" Retina Intel Core i7 2,3 GHz 16GB Ram Intel Iris Pro + nVidia GeForce GT 750m eGPU/akitio thunderbolt box tb2/nVidia GTX 970 runs stable and reliable
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