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  1. Hey Dschijn, do you have Skype or something I can instant message you with? Just trying to solidify my shopping list and your help would be appreciated. I tried to add my Skype account to my profile but it doesn't work with hotmail linked Skype accounts so here's an image.
  2. By Thunderbox I was referring to the AKiTiO Thunder 2 PClE Box. I was referring to the kit Stlpaul was talking about as I'm not confident making modifications to plugs on my own.
  3. Awesome, do you think someone could link me to one of the kits? And just to clarify, I need a Thunderbox, A graphics card, a Dell DA-2 and a plug modification kit. That will be enough to get this all working? And does the fact that my computer already has a dedicated GPU change anything?
  4. I'm looking to hook up my Macbook Pro (2015) with a Nvidia GTX 970 using the AKiTiO Thunder2 PCIe Box. But I have never done anything techy with hardware beyond cleaning my fan. I tried reading through threads and the pre-purchase FAQ but some information seemed outdated, not relevant or I just didn't understand. I'm wanting to use the external GPU for gaming via bootcamp (win10). What do I need to purchase other than the Thunderbox, Graphics Card & Thunderbolt cable? (Source of power?) Is this easy enough to set up? (And will I run into problems with my dGPU [GT 750m] or running windows 10 [Need to use an external monitor?]) How efficient will it be compared to the same build on a Desktop? (Hoping for at-minimum better than a Nvidia GTX 760) Are there any alterations you'd make to my plan to make it easier/more cost effective/efficient? Would you recommend me getting a crappy graphics card to test before trying out the GTX 970? Thank-you for any help! Edit: I have not yet bought the new GTX 980.
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