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  1. diewolle

    Cooling a 5750G?

    I would also recommend repasting it. Especially because you bought it second hand and the notebook is from 2011. I had the same notebook some years ago. It ran very hot. Replacing thermal paste helped a lot. In combination with the "Fan Controller" Application, it was o.k.. But had to replace the paste pretty often.
  2. To reset your CMOS, you need to disassemble your notebook and pull out the CMOS Battery on the mainboard for at least one minute. Put it back in and your CMOS is resetted. Sometimes there are even 2 places on the mainboard you could shortcut to reset the bios, but i wouldnt go that way. Not sure if your Notebook starts after resetting it.
  3. Hello, i really need your help. I know there is a BIOS where the Advanced Tab is unlocked, but right now I have a modded BIOS which allows me to do some nice GPU Overclocks: http://forum.techinferno.com/acer/1846-acer-aspire-v3-5xx-series-bios-mods-higher-nvidia-gt640m-clocks.html Unfortunately, this BIOS doesnt have the Advanced Tab unlocked. Can anyone unlock it for me?
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