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  1. To be clear, you had an external temperature sensing wire mounted (most likely) under the cpu, correct? If this wire broke, it should have nothing to do with the GPU fans, and nothing to do with the CPU fans. If this is an external sensor (many fan controllers used to have such a thing) it is completely isolated from just about everything. These things are incredibly rare nowadays, as all current intel (for almost 10 years, I'd say) processors have temperature sensors built into the chip that the BIOS/UEFI can read directly. I have no idea what AMD does with their chips, but I have the very strong assumption that they are the same way. If this is not the case, and you do not have an external wire, and the software you are using to view the CPU sensor is showing what you believe to be an incorrect temperature, then 1 of 3 things has happened: your software is wrong, so try different software; the sensor is 'stuck', and I no not recall off hand how to address this, do some googling; or the sensor is broken, in which case you should RMA the chip, as it's very important for many BIOS/UEFI safety settings. To address your last question, Nvidia has a tool (or used to, at least. It may be part of the standard driver package now) that is in addition to the drivers that can control the fan speeds of the GPU. This tool is actually pretty cool, as it lets you set up different performance profiles for the fans, GPU, GPU memory, etc. This was Nvidias version of their own OC software for their GPUs. Also, many GPU manufacturors (Nvidia is NOT a manufacturor) have their own proprietary GPU OCing software as well that can control these things. Hope that helped
  2. jam97 I have this same problem in win10... I also had this same problem in win8. And win8.1. So I don't think the OS can be blamed for it. Fear not, however. If this really really bothers you, close the laptop most of the way (but not enough to make it go to sleep) and take out the battery. Wait a few seconds, and put it back in. After a minute or two, the battery meter will work properly again. But, it will also bug out again eventually.
  3. I ran win8 and win8.1 for almost 2 years and have been running win10 since I was able to upgrade, so for 6 weeks or so. I have not noticed increased battery life, even on a fresh install of win10. Best thing that helps me with battery life is a dimmer screen, which I hate.
  4. First, only chips with a model number that end in a "k" can be overclocked. IIRC this is both a design in the chip and in the chipset (not positive about the last). Once you establish if your chip is overclockable, you can easily search for well-established OC guides and other forums. I see what you mean when he says that his friend "unlocked" the chip - I have a sneaking suspicion all he did was mod his bios to allow overclocking on a K chip.
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