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  1. Hi everyone, I have an AW 17 (2013) on which i installed a gtx970m. So far I have always been able to mod the drivers and play with no major issue. After driver 373.06 (Yeah it got out a while ago, i started playing again recently) all the drivers i tried to mod and install do not work. I mod the inf file (nvdmi) with the subsys, then remove driver signature enforcement and install them, they install and everything looks fine on paper: nvidia control panes correctly states the number of the driver, in the control panel i read the hardware has no problem and the driver is updated. I set the options so that every game is run with the graphic processor, but for every game i run (I tried with several different ones) the computer always uses the shitty integrated graphic card. Does anyone have an idea on how i can fix this? thank you all for your help.
  2. Hey, thanks again for the answer! I finally managed to install the driver you have, modifying the inf file by myself following this guide https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HKwFHU8ka5I, now everything seem to work fine
  3. Hello everybody I installed few days a go a new gtx 970m on my Alienware 17 r1 (2013), upgrading from gtx 765. I am now having troubles with modded drivers, since there are some things I don't completely understand. First off, where do I find the string I need to put in the .inf if my graphic card isn't detected or is detected as a generic "Microsoft video card" without drivers? Then, how does the installation exactly work? Do I have to just download the driver from Nvidia, watching the installation fail and then modify the inf? Or there something more I should do? Third, what if I don't find the inf file? Last time I looked for it in the 359 driver and in 361 I couldn't find it, even if I searched with cntrl f for ".inf", "nvci"and all the others. I know that j95 made a splendid post with already modded inf but I can't download them since I'm not elite member or something like that. Any help is appreciated
  4. Thank you Observer for your answer, it's appreciated. Since I'm facing some problems may I pm you to ask you some further information? Thank you again
  5. Hello everybody! I am new on this forum and I'd like to ask some information about a gpu upgrade for my alienware 17. I'd like to replace the gtx 765m with a 970m, so i'm buying a more powerful adapter to support that. I wonder, is the 240w model enough or I should buy a 330w (wich currently costs almost two fold) instead? Do I need to buy a 3 pipes heatsink? are there other concerns that I should consider while installing the new card? Thank you all in advance for your replies.
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