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  1. What thickness thermal padding do you guys recommend 1mm or 1,5mm?
  2. Just wanted to share. After applying Liquid Ultra thermal paste, my gpu stopped throttling @ 1.025+ and im able to get my core stable at 935 Mhz insted of 900 Mhz Currently at 935 core 1500 Mhz Mem, 1.050v.
  3. Anyone else throttling with anything above 1.000v? anyone?
  4. What exactly would we gain from doing that? :s
  5. Doesn't really help :s on stock 0.975v i could get 880 core, now 925... I would prefer a card that could do 1050mhz
  6. I officially have the gayest 7970m that exists.. Clocking at a whooping 925/1500 @ 1.025v Everything else crashes or throttles..
  7. What do you mean by "had"?
  8. at 1.025? 0.0 is your card one of the newer ones with vbios 021 / 022?
  9. **CALLING OUT ANYONE** Does anyone have any ide to why my 7970m in my m17x r4 is throttling @ anything higher than 1.00v? Bios: 021
  10. Is it possible to increase current to the gpu?
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