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  1. blackthunder

    [GUIDE] NVIDIA VBIOS flashing

    I have a question i have Dell M6600 and want to replace my card with a 680M will this work?
  2. blackthunder

    clone my Win 7 Boot drive

    A great tool for partitions and drives is MiniTool, should be able to change drive letters also
  3. blackthunder

    Favorite TV Shows / Newsgroups Discussion

    Can we consider documentary also as an Tv show? - through the wormhole
  4. blackthunder

    What movies have you seen lately?

    What did you guys think of the movie 'The Martian'?
  5. Hello from Holland, Europe Great site guys!
  6. blackthunder

    Who wants to learn how to make a motion controlled robot?

    Lol - it can only go sideways and not from the front to the back Would be a great add-on for Wii fit people
  7. yah, i have a Dell 6600 precision too however bios A09 to A15 all say "unknown" videocard - amount of gpu memory is displayed OK Is there not an custom driver solution?
  8. blackthunder

    Raspberry Pi 2 runs free Windows 10

    i believe there's also an alternative by Asus partner IoT with an Atom Core x5-Z8300-quadcore processor, called 'Up' which supports visualization and windows 10 or android

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