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  1. Well i like one thats sleek and fast fans with no noise. My choice is [h=1]Targus Laptop Chill Mat fits up to 16" (black)[/h]
  2. Have you tried soft reset. Many times the bios unlocks or resets in most of the devices. You need to do the following steps: - Shut down your laptop and remove any attached devices or USB devices to it. - Remove the charger cable and remove battery from laptop. - Once done, press the power button for at least 2 minutes, it fully drains out any current in the laptop. - If possible re-do the 3rd step again for 2 minutes. - Reinstall your battery and charger cable in laptop and power it on to check for bios if unlocked. thanks
  3. hi raph74, which device is it and which is the version of NVidia installed on it? And which is the operating system? I hope you did not just upgrade your operating system from win 8 to win 10. What is the status of NVidia in device Manager. Is it showing installed without any issues there?
  4. Hi pillar, Have you tried soft reset, sometimes it resets Bios. Soft reset means when you shut down system, remove charger, battery and any USB/external devices attached to system and then press the power button for at least 1-2 minutes unless system loses all the remaining current in it. try it twice and in 60 percent cases bios resets to normal mode. If this does not work, then need to open the laptop till motherboard, i guess.
  5. Hey all !! I am david just cam here and joined techinferno. I am quite happy to be here since read lot of posts here and sensible tech discussions about graphics and nvidia. The instrument i have is Lenovo Y500, laptop that came with NVidia 750M 2Giga graphics and am quite fond of playing games, my favorite ones are Delta Force, GTA, Hitman and few more. I like to participate in the topics and wish to have replies from people irrespective of interests and devices they own. Like to make new tech friends and hope could help them in their queries. Once again, its David - Behind Enemy Lines !
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