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  1. As far as I can remember I haven't read here in the corresponding Apple topic anything about this interesting Anandtech article about upcoming Thunderbolt 3. Worth reading the article. There are several interesting parts of the story but the most important here is this: Another interesting aspect is that the Thunderbolt protocol is moving from Mini DisplayPort connector to USB-C type.
  2. I am just wondering if anyone here at the Macbook part of the forum tested any VR stuff through an eGPU setup and how is that worked? I suppose it's possible but sure, that must have been used with a Thunderbolt 2 connector.
  3. Hello Everyone, I've already read this topic by this point. Firts of all thank you for this massive info and your constant effort here to help the eGPU newbees like me. According to my understanding it should be relatively easy to put an eGPU stuff together. However I could not find my exact rMBP listed at the implementation topic. My machine is: Early 2013 15" Macbook Pro Retina (actually it's a MacBookPro 10,1) with a Intel HD 4000 and nVidia GeForce GT 650M GPUs. My goal is windows gaming on a 1080p external display. This is what I do currently but i do this only with the machine's GT 650M. Yeah it's limited but works anyway. It seems to me a very logical step to expand my setup with an eGPU. I expect high or ultra (where possible) graphic settings (instead of some middleish) with better FPS rate (around 60 FPS) on 1080p. My plan is to build something with Akitio Thunder 2. At the moment I have three questions needs to be answered just to start: Q1: If i'm correct my eGPU implementation should be something like a 15" Macbook Pro GT650Msection (I don't see there any retina version) or something similar to the newer rMBPs with a GT 750M card except that I have only Thunderbolt 1. Is that correct? Please correct me. Q2: The second question is about the graphic chip itself. Considering my goals is that achievable on a TB1 port with a card equipped with a GTX960 chip? I would like to avoid 970 because of the noise. Q3: Should I upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 7 64bit? Thanks in advance.
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